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Turkish News and Discussion

2008.08.27 05:31 Turkish News and Discussion

This subreddit is for news and discussion about Turkey. Posts both in English and Turkish are welcome. Bu subreddit Türkiye ile ilgili haber ve sohbet ortamıdır. Türkçe veya İngilizce yazabilirsiniz.

2008.01.25 04:18 World News

A place for major news from around the world, excluding US-internal news.

2012.04.21 22:38 Apaz OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

/OldSchoolCool **History's cool kids, looking fantastic!** A pictorial and video celebration of history's coolest kids, everything from beatniks to bikers, mods to rude boys, hippies to ravers. And everything in between. If you've found a photo, or a photo essay, of people from the past looking fantastic, here's the place to share it.

2020.09.19 20:55 StevenStevens43 Humber the Hun

Humber the Hun
Humber the Hun:
Humber the Hun was supposed to have been part of the invasions of Albion, beginning in 1112 BC.
Humber the Hun
Humber the Hun (Gaelic: Emer or Éber mac Ír, or Éber Don mac Ír Ulaid) son of Ír and grandson of Miled, was a legendary king of so-called "Huns" who, according to Gafridian legend, invaded the British Isles in about the 12th century BC. His people successfully conquered Scotia but he himself was drowned during his campaign against Southern Britain. His sons became the Kings of Ulster and ultimately Dál Riata, the earliest Kingdom of Scotland. At some point, he began to equated with his namesake Donn, the Gaelic God of the Dead.
Now, nobody knows who the Huns are.
Particularly modern Latin speakers.
In the Latin language, Scotti means Gaels.
Scoti or Scotti is a Latin name for the Gaels,[1]
Link for photo
Royal Scottish flag
However, even today, the Gaelic word for Scot, is Hun.
This means that Gaelic speakers might have a slightly better grasp on who the Huns might have been, than the modern Romanised Latin speaker.
It also means that when modern day Scots during football matches with the Auld enemy sing "Go home ya Hun", they are actually "wrong".
The Huns were the Scoloti.
Luckily the Scots don't face too much shame regarding this fact, as the other half of the Auld enemy are also unaware of the fact that they are infact "not" the Huns.
Pop culture
Modern Ulster Scots and other Scots Protestants are still referred to as Huns by Gaels.[10
Link for photo
2011 Gaelic speaking parts of Scotland
Now obviously, the word "Hun" is pretty much synonymous with the country named Hungary, suggesting that Huns may have certain origins in this area.
After-all, Humber the Hun is said to have arrived in the Humber from Germany.
Of course, there was no such place as Germany in 1112 BC.
It was Gaul, and Gaul was a name that pertained to the entire area of mainland inhabited by Gaelic speaking Gauls, which at this point in history, would have included Hungary.
Mediaeval history
When Locrinus raided Humber's ships after his death, he found Humber's consort Estrildis,[2][3] the daughter of the King of Germany there.
Link for photo
The modern day word for "Hun", as in Hungary, derived from the Huns from Eurasia, not the Huns from Humber.
Well, not immediately anyway.
The "H" in the name of Hungary (and Latin Hungaria) is most likely due to founded historical associations with the Huns, who had settled Hungary prior to the Avars.
Link for photo
Hunnic warrior
Scythian sphere:
However, the land of Hungary pre-dated the country of Hungary, and back in the Iron age, Hungary did not exist, and was infact part of the Scythian sphere.
History of Hungary
Hungary in its modern (post-1946) borders roughly corresponds to the Great Hungarian Plain (the Pannonian basin). During the Iron Age, it was at the boundary of Celtic, Illyrian and Iranian (Scythian) cultural spheres.
Link for photo
Alba Albanian flag
Royal Scoloti:
Now, Scythia was a "big" region.
It also took in an Iranian area known as Sogdiana.
The aristocrats were known as the Royal Scoloti.
.[10][13] Based in what is modern-day Ukraine and southern Russia, the Scythians called themselves Scoloti and were led by a nomadic warrior aristocracy known as the Royal Scythians.
Now Sogdiana, whilst being part of Scythia, in turn, ruled an empire which stretched to the border of China.
Sogdia (/ˈsɒɡdiə/) (Sogdian: soɣd) or Sogdiana was an ancient Iranian civilization that at different times included territory located in present-day Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khujand, Panjikent, and Shahrisabz. Sogdiana was also a province of the Achaemenid Empire,
Link for photo
Sogdiana princesses:
During the annexation of the empire by Alexander the Great, Alexander had Sogdiana princesses sent to breed with his Greek friends.
Antiochus I was half Sogdian,[2][3] his mother Apama, daughter of Spitamenes, being one of the eastern princesses whom Alexander the Great had given as wives to his generals in 324 BC.[4]
Link for photo
Alexander the Great
Auld Edina:
It is likely that Scotlands current day capital city of Edinburgh (Auld Edina), from the root word Dun Eideann, is derived from the Royal Scoloti sogdiana.
Edinburgh (/ˈɛdɪnbərə/ (📷listen);[8][9][10] Scots: Edinburgh; Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Èideann
Link for photo
Athens of the North
Now, this is where the Xiongnu come in to this.
The Xiongnu were a "Nomadic" tribe, and one might know to suspect, that when you see the word "Nomadic" it is likely referring to a certain Aryan peoples that got Nomadism in to their DNA after requiring to leave their homelands during the younger dryas.
The Xiongnu (Chinese: 匈奴; Wade–Giles: Hsiung-nu, [ɕjʊ́ŋ.nǔ]) were a tribal confederation[3] of nomadic peoples who, according to ancient Chinese sources, inhabited the eastern Eurasian Steppe from the 3rd century BC to the late 1st century AD. Chinese sources report that Modu Chanyu, the supreme leader after 209 BC, founded the Xiongnu Empire.[4]
Link for photo
Xiongnu territory
Huaxia people:
Now Chinese history draws a distinction between the more civilised Huaxia people (Indigenous Mongolians) and the more barbaric Nomadic Xiongnu.
Early history
.[19] It also draws a distinct line between the settled Huaxia people (Chinese) to the pastoral nomads (Xiongnu), characterizing it as two polar groups in the sense of a civilization versus an uncivilized society
Hua-Yi distinction:
It is called the Hua-Yi distinction.
Hua-Yi distinction
The distinction between Huá and (Chinese: ; pinyin: Huá Yí zhī biàn), also known as Sino–barbarian dichotomy,[1] is an ancient Chinese concept that differentiated a culturally defined "China" (called Huá, Huaxia 華夏; Huáxià, or Xià ) from cultural or ethnic outsiders (, conventionally "barbarians"). Although Yí is often translated as "barbarian", other translations of this term in English include "foreigners",[2]
Modu Chanyu:
Now, the Xiongnu under Mody Chanyu, almost overthrew the Chinese emperor.
State formation
After forging internal unity, Modu Chanyu expanded the empire on all sides. To the north he conquered a number of nomadic peoples, including the Dingling of southern Siberia. He crushed the power of the Donghu people of eastern Mongolia and Manchuria as well as the Yuezhi in the Hexi Corridor of Gansu, where his son, Jizhu, made a skull cup out of the Yuezhi king. Modu also reoccupied all the lands previously taken by the Qin general Meng Tian.
Under Modu's leadership, the Xiongnu threatened the Han dynasty, almost causing Emperor Gaozu, the first Han emperor, to lose his throne in 200 BC.[31]
Link for photo
Xiongnu expansion
Chinese princesses and Great wall of China:
The Chinese decided to build a great wall, as a border to define the territory between Xiongnu and China, and to attempt to appease the Xiongnu, they began sending them Chinese princesses, along with other gifts including money and alcohol.
Marraige diplomacy
The Han sent princesses to marry Xiongnu leaders in their efforts to stop the border raids. Along with arranged marriages, the Han sent gifts to bribe the Xiongnu to stop attacking.[31] After the defeat at Pingcheng in 200 BC, the Han emperor abandoned a military solution to the Xiongnu threat. Instead, in 198 BC , the courtier Liu Jing&action=edit&redlink=1) [zh)] was dispatched for negotiations. The peace settlement eventually reached between the parties included a Han princess given in marriage to the chanyu (called heqin) (Chinese: 和親; lit.: 'harmonious kinship'); periodic gifts to the Xiongnu of silk, distilled beverages and rice; equal status between the states; and the Great Wall as mutual border.
Cant beat them, join them:
However, the raids did not stop, and the Hans Chinese decided to attempt to forge an alliance with them.
Marraige diplomacy
The Xiongnu also practiced marriage alliances with Han dynasty officers and officials who defected to their side. The older sister of the Chanyu (the Xiongnu ruler) was married to the Xiongnu General Zhao Xin, the Marquis of Xi who was serving the Han dynasty. The daughter of the Chanyu was married to the Han Chinese General Li Ling after he surrendered and defected.[39][40][41][42] Another Han Chinese General who defected to the Xiongnu was Li Guangli, general in the War of the Heavenly Horses, who also married a daughter of the Chanyu.[43]
Behind the backs of the Xiongnu, the Hans Chinese sent an envoy to go and explore the Western world and try and find an ally to help fight the Xiongnu, however the information received back from the envoy, put China into a state of emergency, and expelling the Xiongnu became a matter of urgency.
It is not know exactly what the message was, but i assume it was along the lines of "those people are everywhere".
Han xiongnu war
The Han dynasty made preparations for war when the Han Emperor Wu dispatched the explorer Zhang Qian to explore the mysterious kingdoms to the west and to form an alliance with the Yuezhi people in order to combat the Xiongnu. During this time Zhang married a Xiongnu wife, who bore him a son, and gained the trust of the Xiongnu leader.[45][46][47][48][49][50][51] While Zhang Qian did not succeed in this mission,[52] his reports of the west provided even greater incentive to counter the Xiongnu hold on westward routes out of China,
Link for photo
Han China
Southern Xiongnu & Northern xiongnu:
The result of the war, was that the Chinese would be successful in putting a barrier between themselves and the Xiongnu, by placing a southern Xiongnu between themselves and a Northern Xiongnu.
Southern Xiongnu and Northern Xiongnu
In 48 AD, a confederation of eight Xiongnu tribes in Bi's power base in the south, with a military force totalling 40,000 to 50,000 men, seceded from Punu's kingdom and acclaimed Bi as chanyu. This kingdom became known as the Southern Xiongnu.
600 year empire destroyed:
In the year 439 AD, 600 years of Xiongnu living in this area came to an end, and finally China rid themselves of the last remnants of Xiongnu.
Juqu and)
By 439, the Juqu power was destroyed by the Northern Wei. Their remnants were then settled in the city of Gaochang before being destroyed by the Rouran.
Now, the Xiongnu done to the Chinese, exactly what the Huns would do to the Romans.
The Xiongnu confederation was unusually long-lived for a steppe empire. The purpose of raiding China was not simply for goods, but to force the Chinese to pay regular tribute.
Contemporary understanding:
Now, believe it or not, the Xiongnu being the same group as the Huns, is actually now the contemporary view amongst historians and scholars.
However contemporary, is not the same thing as general consensus.
.[70] Although the theory that the Xiongnu were precursors of the Huns known later in Europe is now accepted by many scholars, it has yet to become a consensus view.
Link for photo
Hunnic invasion
Turkic descendency:
Now, Turks claim that the Xiongnu were Turkish, because they are descended from Xiongnu.
However ascended, and descended, are two different things.
I am sure it is possible, that by the time the Sogdians came out of Mongolia, they were now quite Turkic.
Uyghur Khagans claimed descent from the Xiongnu (according to Chinese history Weishu, the founder of the Uyghur Khaganate was descended from a Xiongnu ruler).[86]
Both the 7th-century Chinese History of the Northern Dynasties[87] and the Book of Zhou,[88] an inscription in the Sogdian language, report the Göktürks to be a subgroup of the Xiongnu.[89][90]
Iranian ancestors:
However, scholars tend to agree that when the Xiongnu first arrived in Mongolia, they were Northern Iranian speakers.
Harold Walter Bailey proposed an Iranian origin of the Xiongnu, recognizing all the earliest Xiongnu names of the 2nd century BC as being of the Iranian type.[9] This theory is supported by turkologist Henryk Jankowski).[10] Central Asian scholar Christopher I. Beckwith notes that the Xiongnu name could be a cognate of Scythian, Saka and Sogdia, corresponding to a name for Northern Iranians.[27][
Chinese Hun:
Now, the word the Chinese used to refer to the Xiongnu as, translates pretty much in to English as "Hun".
Some may mistake this as the word "Hun" having Chinese origins.
However, it is more likely that the Chinese referred to them by a word similar to Hun, because, that is what the Xiongnu of the time likely referred to themselves as.
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2020.09.18 18:19 Chiarin My Eurovision Journey - 2004 Semi-Final

Cool, this starts with those spinning Turkish men in skirts (I looked it up and it's Sufi whirling, apparently. Sufi whirling also features in the video for Dead Can Dance's Yulunga, which incidentally is my favourite ever DCD song, though the album version sounds better than the version on this video.) What I find most impressive about these men is that they're not even spotting - they must get so dizzy!
I like the presenters this year, they seem genuinely enthusiastic, but I do feel sorry for all the debuting countries that didn't make it past the semi finals. Anyway, on to the songs!
We're off to a good start with Finland, because this is a tango, and I have a major soft spot for tangoes. I like the accordion and the tangoing couple in the background. It's a real shame this didn't go through.
Belarus' singer has hair that looks like the stuff I used to put in our Christmas tree when I was a kid. It's called 'engelenhaar' (angel hair) in Dutch. Yes, that means I think it looks fake, sorry. I have no idea what language she's singing in; it might as well be the fake Belgian language from last year. The song has nice bits, but I think it'd have worked better if she'd stuck to that yodelly style all the way through. I'm overall not sure about this one.
Oh dear, Switzerland, your singer has one of those 'moustaches' that looks like someone slipped with an eyeliner pencil. There's only one thing worse than that and that's a soul patch. I'm also sorry to say that the more he urges me to clap my hands, the less I'm inclined to do so. I don't know, it's too forced cheerful.
Latvia starts off with the most listless nananas I've ever heard. The song is average; I can't say it's doing much for me.
Okay, so I didn't mishear the Norwegian commentator when he mentioned a castrato for Israel. This is... unique, but not for me. I mean, it's not even the singing, it's the hideously bland music as well. Nope.
Andorra? I never even knew they participated! Did they ever make it past the semis? I understand why they didn't this year, because she can't sing. Even if she could, this song is too bland to leave an impression.
Portugal's dress is awesome in style, just a shame it's pink. The song is a fairly uninspiring dancey thing. I won't miss this in the final.
Oh hey, Monaco is back! This kind of feels like a chanson sung over a dance track. It's not doing much for me, and I hate her pink trousers.
What the hell are you wearing, Lithuania? Why is everyone in pink this year? This is terrible, the male singer sounds incredibly whiny when he sings. The female singer isn't so bad, but I dislike pretty much everything about this song.
Slovenia is pretty bland. Can't say much else.
Estonia is fun, I like that combination of folk and dance. The singing could definitely be better, but I do like this.
Denmark sounds a little Spanish, which I quite like, but I can't watch him because that suit makes my eyes hurt. I think this could have been better, but it's not bad.
(Countries skipped because they went through to the final: Malta, Greece, Ukraine, Albania, Cyprus, FYR Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and the Netherlands.)
The interval act is drums, which you will always do me a favour with. I love drums. There's also a silly little video with Abba puppets and omg, Rik Mayall. I really miss Rik Mayall... :(
It's fun to see that the running order for the final was already set and the winners from this semi were slotted into it. I was also surprised to see the voting tally for the songs that missed out - poor Estonia!
So personally I would have liked to see Finland and Estonia go through, and maybe Denmark. At the cost of which other songs? Ah, can't say that, that would be spoiling things! Also, it might have been at the cost of the guaranteed places. I'm sure there will be plenty of those that I don't like. :p
submitted by Chiarin to eurovision [link] [comments]

2020.09.18 06:36 RPO777 Speculation: Kanki inspired by Vlad the Impaler?

Total random historical musing on my part, as I've never heard one peep about Hara reading about Vlad the impalor, but I found some of the parallels interesting.
First off, Hara doesn't have a lot to work off of as far as knowing Kanki's actual personality or tactics. There's only the tiniest bits of information specifically about him, including a blurb that mentions he put 100,000 captured enemy soldiers to death at one point by beheading. Which--to be fair--is a pretty good justification for imagining the guy to be some kind of murderous psycho.
But the craziest bits of Kanki, like when he creates the 'art piece' to get Kisui to abandon his defensive position, are Hara originals. So either Hara created the character's tactics largely whole cloth, or he drew historical inspiration from elsewhere.
One story that I read recently which reminded me a LOT of Kanki, was when I read about Vlad the Impaler and the "Night Attack at Târgovișt."
So Impalement is a "lovely" execution method where a stake is driven through your whole body from your anus out of your mouth, and you just "hang" there suspended in air by the stake. If done "properly" it avoids damaging any vital organs and the person dies in agony over the course of days.
Vlad is the ruler of the Duchy of Wallachia (modern Romania) who used Impalement frequently as a method of execution--and of psychological warfare.
Wallachia was subjugated by the Ottoman Turkish Empire during Vlad's father's generation, but Vlad basically declared independence in 1461 with a promise from the Kingdom of Hungary to help him. But when the Turks raised 250,000 soldiers to invade Wallachia, the Hungarians (probably wisely) stayed away, leaving Vlad to face the Turks alone with his 25,000 men.
Outnumbered 10 to 1, Vlad engaged in scorched earth tactics, raiding and burning his own country's farms before the Turks could get to them, to deprive the enemy of food.
When the Turks approaching his capitol, Vlad personally dressed as a Turkish soldier and blended into the Turkish army to find the location of the Sultan's tent (he was a Turkish hostage in his youth so spoke Turkish). Identifying the Sultan's tent's location, Vlad returned to his army in the capitol.
Vlad also knew the turkish army's night-fighting doctrine was for units to stay put and fight where they are, due to a fear of friendly-fire and confusion being worse than the enemy.
On June 17, 1467, Vlad launched a massive night attack on the Turkish army, fighting their way striaght for the Sultan's tent--but luckily for the Turks, the Sultan had switched locations the previous night, and the Sultan's Vizier was there now--the vizier fled for his life, escaping barely.
Giving up on capturing the Sultan, Vlad then ordered his men to round up and capture as many soldiers alive as they could--in the Turkish army's confusion, they managed to capture 20,000 soldiers.
The following day, Vlad's army retreated, leaving the gates of the capitol open. The Sultan entered the city, to find Vlad had impaled his soldiers by the thousands, who were writhing on stakes all throughout the capitol. Then, the roadside of Vlad's army's retreat left a trail of impaled Turkish soldiers--the trail of impaled soldiers continued for 40 miles, and the number of impaled soldiers totaled 20,000 in all.
Between the supply problems and the psychological shock of the lengths Vlad would go to defend his Duchy, the Sultan rounded up his soldiers and retreated.
So.... this totally sounds like Kanki, doesn't it? the dressed up as the Turkish soldier to identify the command tent, the night attack tactics, the gruesome impalement en masse for psychological effect?
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2020.09.17 01:03 Feelinveryblue The trials and tribulations of being an angry, ugly, black woman.

I'm ugly and very awkward which people perceive as a metaphysical kick me sign. As such 9/10 when I interact with other human beings I get someone talking down to me like I'm shit of just generally try to start shit me. I also shake and cry when I'm angry (adrenaline) which people perceive as fear but in reality I'm about to fuck shit up.
Well, diplomacy doesn't work when you're ugly.
I can think of many moments in life if where I've tried to be diplomatic only for people to continue to laugh and jeer at me. The only time they stopped was when I exploded with rage. That's the only time people leave me alone. Of course being an ugly black woman I'm always seen as the aggressor which just increases my feelings of anger.
Every time someone shouts at me or criticises me it literally feels like I'm dying, like I'm being stabbed to death. I just want them to stop to leave me alone, and the only time they do is when I'm overtly aggressive.
My anger is a survival mechanism.
I can think of this one instance where I used to go to this local restaurant for takeaway back when I lived with my mum.
Well there was this guy who worked there. Now the area where my mum lived was rough and filled with black hood dudes and this worker was a pussy beta Turkish male (London is full of them) who would just take shit when those guys took the piss out of him. (Also non black men have a really fucking weird dynamic with black men. It's like they both hate them and envy/want to fuck them),
Then along comes this female comes extremely depressed and slightly awkward teenager. I was the perfect target. The weaker mirror of his aggressor after all. He couldn't do shit to those guys but he could do something to me. I was just the awkward ugly awkward black girl after all. What was I going to do?
I don't remember exactly when it started, but this dude just started bugging out.
First he would just do stupid things when it came to me getting my food, like hold onto the bag and leer in a mocking way. I never really thought much of it because as I said I was extremely depressed (still am) so I didn't care.
But it just got progressively worse. More stupid mocking shit when it came to me getting my food. I didn't do anything because my esteem was non existent, and whenever I complained to my family they would gaslight me and tell me I'm crazy, he's not doing anything to me.
But one day it hit its peak. I had spent the whole day looking for a prom dress (look at my post history if you want to see how that shit show turned out) and I was tired, hungry and stressed out and just wanted to get food.
As soon as I step in the store this bastard starts with me; smiling, laughing, calling me "insum" (some Turkish bullshit).
I lost it. All those years of bottled up emotion came flooding through.
I tried to keep my cool, told him he was disrespectful and I'm paying customer he shouldn't be talking to me this way, but still he was laughing in my face.
I was just broken honestly. Went home crying (just lived 10 minutes away) and my gaslighting ain't shit family did nothing when I told them. I was so angry that I needed to do something. I don't ever really feel satisfied with my anger unless I feel like I've gotten even.
So I filled a cup up with water (should've pissed in it and put bleach in it tbh) and went across the road. The store was FULL of people, I didn't give a fuck, I threw that shit on him and called "a fucking dickhead" then went home. Proceeded to go home crying because I was just so tired of people bothering me, then my family accused me of having a mental breakdown and tried to make out that I did it for no reason. (My family aren't worth shit but they've fucked me and up my life so badly I have no choice but to depend on them)
That was a confusing story but I just wanted to showcase that my anger came as a result of me being shown that that is the only way to get people to leave me alone. Speaking nicely isn't going to work.
And that story I've just told is one of MANY moments in my life where people have targeted me for no reason.
I think I have PTSD (but the incompetent mental health team gave me a BPD diagnosis because they don't give a fuck about me essentially.) I always react in the same way when I feel like I'm being attacked. My voice shakes and I cry uncontrollably. I'm very paranoid and I just hate people anyway.
I know my anger is justified but it's hard as a black woman. No one's gonna give a fuck about me and my "mental health issues" they'll just call the police and arrest me, regardless of who started it.
And that is very scary for me, when my anger is at its peak and I continue to be harassed as an ugly woman.
I don't know I'm just looking for perspective.
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2020.09.15 21:20 ManuelBenSliman I'm West European and I love you guys!

Hey there guys!
So, you probably won't even care, but I really feel like I should clean the airs a bit as I see a lot of anti-European sentiment rising here.
You see, a lot of us West Europeans actually love you, and it kinda bothers me when I see some double standards coming from your end.
I hate it when we are full of double standards too, and I equally criticise them. So today, I'd like to share with you my views about Turkey, the reason why I love you guys, my hopes for us, but also my criticisms.
I will touch on some topics that some of you might find sensitive (Cyprus, Armenian issue, sea disputes with Greece, LGBT rights, racism, Ottoman Empire's legacy, Atatürk, secularism vs islamism, Kurdish issues, etc...).After all, I'm not some Karma whore, I'm here to give my perspective, which may in certain issues cause disagreements between us.I fully accept it if you guys wish to discuss ideas or just tell me that you disagree.
I'll also share some personal aspects about me so that you may better undestand why I hold some of the views you will see, after all, my private characteristics shape my point of view a lot.
First of, I'm highly secular, socially liberal but very VERY patriotic, I am gay, I'm a Zionist (I believe in Israel's existence and its right to defend itself) I am an immigrant (born in Portugal but living in Germany) and I am strongly pro-European (as in, I dream that all EU nations will grow closer and develop further together).
Now you know a bit about me and hopefully it may help you understand why I have the perspective I do.
So let's begin shall we?
  1. Sea disputes with Greece:- I actually support you guy on this one!When I look at the map of TUrkey and see its EEZ it makes absolutely no sense!Turkey has a large coastline and a long history in the Eastern Mediterranean.This entire section of the sea was basically ruled by Turkey.Why oh why is it then that Turkey'S EEZ is basically a joke?!I don't like Erdogan at all, but I recognise that any political leader would be right to demand an EEZ expansion under these circumstances.Now which areas will belong to Turkey and such is up to debate, but that it needs to be way larger than now is honestly quite obvious.Also, while I'm at it, Turkey should really look at expanding its land.. I'm not saying for you guys to go around invading countries and such, but let's face it, Turkey was forced to lose way more land than it needed only because the winners of the war wanted to humiliate Turkey.I believe that a part of the Raqqa Governorate (currently a part of Syria) should be given back to Turkey because it is the original location of the tomb of Suleyman Shah.So in this case, nothing negative to say.
  2. Atatürk's legacy:
- This is one more issue that I can't really criticise, Atatürk had his flaws of course, but the truth is that for his time, he was waaaay ahead most world leaders.His ideals were perfect for the time they were put in practice, and some of them are still desperately needed today, not just in Turkey, but in the whole world!I trully believe that we in Europe have a lot to learn from Atatürk's ideas.
His kindness even towards former enemies (all the soldiers who died in Turkey were now also "Sons of Turkey" in his words. His secular principles to keep barbaric religious beliefs away from government and society, his strong stance on national unity, patriotism and equality are inspiring to this day.
When people look at certain Kemalist policies (or policies that are simply tied to Kemalism but not exactly supported by all Kemalists), they forgot that some of the more criticised policies were important for their time.There is one piece of policy that I can criticise, but also emphathise with, the language and names policy.
Basically this law outlawed any name that was not in Turkish, and that identified ones' ethnic origin.This law also made Turkish the only language of instruction (with exception of the ones covered by previous international agreements).This has been consistently preserved by many Kemalist governments, and now also by islamist ones.
People forget however, that this law was needed for its time.Back then many separatist movements were riling Turkey up, Armenian terror groups being the most prevalent had managed to commit attacks against both Turkish soldiers and civilians, death and fear were realities in Eastern Anatolia, where Turkish peasants were scared of being killed off or expelled from their homes by Armenian millitants, and sadly radical Turkish groups as revenge also targeted any innocent Armenian, causing instability in the region, and leading many Armenians and Turks alike to suffer the effects of often foreign-sponsored seperatist terrorism.
This law was created with an aim of assimilating every group into the Turkish nation, destroying any kind of "un-Turkish" link, so that one would be loyal only to the country and forget about any kind of nationalist dreams that involved carving Turkey up.
One also needs to take into consideration that this was happening on the back of many years of anti-Turkish sentiments amongst the Turkish elites, who for years venerated Arab and Persian culture at the expense of native Turks, with the real Turkish language being replaced by an Arabo-Persianised version of it and local Turkish customs being seen as primitive for many centuries by the Ottomans.
Turkey was now finally proud of itself! This sense of pride had to spread quickly, otherwise the new Republic could collapse at any moment thanks to either foreign intervention, seperatist movements, or islamist group.So I can't judge laws for the time that they were created as they were needed.I also need to point out that even today, in France, only French can be used as a language of instruction, no matter in which region, even though many other languages (ex.: Basque, Breton, Dutch, etc...) are also spoken in the country by indigenous minorities.
I wanna make this clear, I oppose these laws by now (with certain conditions).They don't make sense in a modern country like Turkey.I think the German model here could be followed.Germany only has one official national language, but different parts of Germany can have additional languages which people have the right to learn as their mother tongue (only in those regions where they are native too), however likewise, they must also study German as a mother tongue.They learn both their own language (Danish is the best example here) and the national language (German) as a first language, granting them fluency in both with no issues.
I think anyone born in a traditionally exclusively Turkish area (let's say Ankara) should only be allowed to register with Turkish names (family names can be of course non-Turkish if the parents come from other areas or such) while those born in areas with an indigenous minority (let's say Diyarbakir) can choose between registring with a Turkish or Kurdish name.
These are merely my views.

  1. Racism, the Armenian, Kurdish and whatnot issue...
This is gonna touch a lot of nerves possibly, but as I said, I am not a karma whore and I think this needs to be discussed.
This touches on more than just the Armenian/Aramaic Genocide. This needs to touch on the topic of nationalism, racism and identity.
I do not mean to offend any of you, but this must be said.I strongly believe there was a genocide against Armenians.So many people dying or being forced out of their homes could not have happened without state interference or without the hand of some powerful individuals.
I am pretty sure that a lot of Armenians were involved in terror activities, that's no secret to anyone, as I mentioned on a previous point, Armenian groups did attack many Turks in Eastern Anatolia and so on, and have consistently been a threat to the unity of Turkey and its territorial integrity.
However this does not justify the misstreatment of many innocent lives, it does not justify torturing, expelling and killing those who were not involved.
Rather than a trial for individuals and groups that were guilty, a decision to just expell or kill most Armenians was taken, a decision that changed many lives for the worst.
The thing that hurts on this topic is that so many of you just seem to mock it. I am tired of posts, memes and whatnot posted here mocking victims of this attrocitiy, because even if you don't agree with the word genocide, you all recognise something bad happened, something horrible, you even learn about it at school.
But when time comes to remember the victims you decide to mock them. I find it disgusting.
This does not mean we are failing too by the way. Turkey should demand that we recognise the genocide of Turks in the ex-Ottoman lands. After all, how many Turks were forcibly expelled from their lands, tortured or killed? Many! Instead of fighting and mocking the Armenian genocide, how about you start doing a better PR and have us recognise your own? I know almost nothing of what happened to Turks post-Ottoman period, seriously, this information is so hard to come by!
The Kurdish issue.... Well. Kurds aren't going through any genocide, more like a cultural discrimination, also.. I'm against the indepence of Turkish Kurdistan due to selfish reasons I must admit, though I support the indepence of Syrian/Iraqi/Iranian Kurdistan.
The thing is, I don't trust an independent Kuridstan carved out of Turkey to be progressive. What people forget is, that even though Erdogan is in power, Turkey still has gay rights, gender equality and secularism. No, the situation in Turkey is not perfect, but it's way better than any country in the Caucasus or the Middle East, and even better than some "fully" European countries (I consider Turkey to be European, Middle Eastern and Caucasus country, it clearly straddles all these regions).
The thing is, and this I will compare to the Israeli-Palestinian issue for better comparison, we forget that Kurds are conservative and more religious than Turks (usually).
Some Kurds even vote for Erdogan due to their love of his islamist agenda!
Most honour killings in Turkey happen in the Kurdish community. The first famous (well infamous) honour killing here in Germany that exploded on the news was done by a Kurdish-Turkish family.
I oppose some of your arguments against Kurdish independence, you can't honestly say that Kurds have no right to their own land in territories where they've been living for centuries and been the majority for an equally large amount of time.
But I will keep opposing it, because an independent Turkish Kurdistan will just be an islamist hell hole trying to pass of as progressive.
Is the Iraqi Kurdistan region a paradise? NO! It's full of honour killings, tribal violence, speaking in favour of gay rights can get you killed, women are still subjugated to men, etc...
But yeah, they show us strong Peshmerga women on TV so all is fine right? Keep in mind that Iraqi Kurdistan is highly autonomous. Their social policies are their own, their islamist tendencies can't be blamed on the central Iraqi government.
Let's however not pretend racism is not an issue! A lot of racist people sadly still exist in Turkey, people who can't stand Kurds, Jews, Armenians and whatever.. People who will attack someone for speaking a different language.
Please don't turn a blind eye on this, speak out against it!
Now I will pick a bone with the HDP, a party made up of people who support PKK and yet pretend they do love Turkey!
The HDP acts progressive, speaking for gay rights and equality in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. In Kurdistan you just get silence! I can assure you, that the HDP doesn't give a shit about gay people like me. They speak for our rights when they are in the big metropolitan areas, where gay rights are already discussed and supported by significant segments of the population. But in Kurdistan, where the discussion is really needed, they shut up, even though most anti-gay killings and abuses are committed by people originating there.
Gay rights are very important to me.
It's a huge part of who I am, something that I can't take off. I love my sexuality, and am proud of it, as so should all people. Be proud of yourselves! Gay, straight or bi you are awesome as you are!
I am tired of looking at how countries and regions across the globe get away with commiting genocide on my people. Killing gay people is a law in so many countries, and we are silent on that. In others, we "just" get jailed or tortured!
I say fuck those countries and their uncivilised nature! And if you tell me Kurdistan won't be like that, than you are kidding me!
Gay people in Turkish Kurdistan need Turkish law to protect them from OTHER KURDS, who want to kill them!
This is the same as in the Israeli-Arab conflict.
I studied that case! I know how Jordan and the Palestinians killed as many Jews as they could when they took over the West Bank and Jerusalem, let's not forget how they destroyed synagogues in the city and limited religious practises for christians!
They speak of peace and tolerance, but jail apostates, oppress gay people and promote islamic supremacy. Yet Israel granted citizenship to all Arabs that stayed within its borders after the war and to this day allows Jordan to control the Al-Aqsa mosque, despite the whole area being sacred to Jews as well.
Islamic supremacy and Palestinian nationalism walk hand in hand, Erdogan of course supports them so much because he is more popular in hell holes like Pakistan, Yemen and so on than he is in Turkey itself!
Turkish people want a leader who thinks of their needs, not someone who bows down to the Umah or whatever.
Staying on gay rights, Turkey is not paradise, but let's admit it. You guys have a gay rights movement, one that is more advanced than the in some fully European countries by the way!
Gay rights activists in Turkey are fighting for marriage equality for example. This shows how progressive you guys are! A lot of gay rights activists start by fighting for "minor rights" like anti-discrimination laws, better training for law enforcment agencies, etc..
Gay rights activists in Turkey are fighting for the whole deal! Which shows just how comfortable the movement is to have such an open fight! That's the real Turkey, not a government of radicals that bans gay characters from Netflix or shames young people for partying in New Year and drinking!
I'd also like to point out that the gay rights movement in Turkey is local!
It's not like so many other gay rights movements that only survives thanks to foreign funding, the one in Turkey trully survives because Turkey is progressing! This movement is possible thanks to you!
  1. Ottoman Legacy.
This one is quick actually. The Ottoman Empire is something Turks should be proud and critical of! We all built Empires, some more cruel than others, some more glorious, some more long-lived. But we've all conquered, invaded, been invaded, and shed the blood of others.
As someone who grew up in Portugal, where we take pride in our Empirial period, I am not ashamed of the attrocities that other people committed, I am NOT responsiblle! I do feel bad for them, and I recognise them!
What more can I do? It's not my fault!
I am critical of slavery, horrified that it existed, but once again, not my fault. My obligation, as everyone else's, is to recognise something bad happened, not forget it, honour the ones who suffered, and that's it.
I can still however feel proud for my people's discoveries while being critical of some "issues".
The same way Turks should think of the Ottomans. The Ottoman Empire was also a dark time for Turks once in a while. People seem to forget that the elites were obsessed with copying the Arabs and Persians (just like Erdogan) and disregarded the Turks who still.. well... behaved like Turks!
However don't forget, your Empire brought many great European leaders to their knees, you welcomed Jews when they were being killed, you developed beautiful musical traditions and poetry. You guys did so much, never forget that too.
The glories of the Ottoman period belong to you, be proud of them.

Time to explain also what I don't like of the Turkish DIASPORA!
I don't mean to offend, and we also have many well integrated awesome Turks here btw. But I noticed I tend to like the Turks raised in Turkey, and get along with them well, but I can't (usually) stand the ones raised here in Germany!
Never have I met such entitled brats! Btw, not just Turks, but anyone from a more "Middle-Easty" background, even Balkans, behave like such entitled pieces of shit here!
These are people who often dress up like gangsters, act like wannabe-gangsters, they constantly incorporate Arabic words into their vocabulary.. have a way of speaking that is just.. urgh! Like, they sound like assholes, I don't know how to explain it ok?
They go around getting moeny from Jobcenter and don't want to work. They'll get like 500 Euros from welfare and spend 450 on a jacket (not kidding, saw many do that) because mommy and daddy pay for the food and rent and these pricks do nothing.
Then, I am angry that many Turks (even those born there) vote for Erdogan BUT vote socialist and liberal here! They want freedom, equality and such here, but deny it to their brothers and sisters back in Turkey.
They buy the best cars with money they made HERE, thanks to an economic and also social system that works.
But vote for corrupt and nepotists politicians like Erdogan because they act nationalist, when in reality they just kiss Arab ass!
Then they visit Turkey, with those expensive cars and clothes to show off, but refuse to participate in the building of Turkey.
They are patriotic only in words, because while they talk shit about Germany and praise Erdogan's Turkey, they'd rather be here, show off the wealth they make thanks to this system to those ones stuck there, and keep voting the people who suck off Turkey's wealth into power.
Let's also not forget how Erdogan instructed Turks in Germany to not vote for certain parties.. Like wtf?! Our politicians insult him, but even they are discreet enough to not say such outrageous thing out in public. He crossed many lines and made us doubt on the loyalty that Turks here have for this country!
I just want you to understand why you often have a bad rep here. It's hard to think of Turks positively, when the generation born here, the ones that claims to be the most nationalistic Turkish one, acts like spoiled wannabe-gangsters, sucking off welfare for their drug use and gambling, showing off clothes that they bought only cause they don't pay rent, acting super entitled and superior to everyone else etc...
Heck! I have Turkish gay friends here in Germany, who came study here, but can't be openly gay in Germany, 'cause their relatives here are super islamist and would just "report" them to their parents if they found out.
Sadly good Turks here have to face prejudice both ways. One from the Arabised gangster-wannabe Turks who act like jerks to them and call them "traitors" and the other from an unkind German society that often distrusts or outright misstreats them (example: one of my mentioned gay friends here, got attacked in Bonn, for talking Turkish on his phone when calling his mum in Izmir).
Why I love you guys though?
You have beautiful music! Turkish music is my favourite! Your food is delicious, your architecture enchanting, your people are strong and determined! You don't let others decide your fate, you protested agaisnt Erdogan in large numbers, you stood up for gender equality, gay rights and secularism on your own!
You refused to be Arabised and still do. You refuse to let religion determine your country's future, you refuse to bow down to both political correctness and islamism!
I believe you have much to learn from Western Europe, but we also have so much to learn from you!
I hope to see Turkey getting closer to us, once Erdogan and our own incompetent politicians are gone, hopefully a new wave of competent and actual hard-working people will come into power, and they will see our destinies are connected!
Turkey is a civilised nation, whose place is in the EU, to build a stronger and better future for ourselves together.
However this closeness will only happen when we both decide so.
It will happen when Erdogan and our own incompetent politicians (looking at you Merkel <.<) get out. It will happen when we stop being fed anti-Turkish propaganda and when you're also no longer fed anti-Western one!
Seriously, one of Merkel's main talking points last elections was that she had always refused the idea of letting Turkey into the EU, while the SPD supported it.
Why should we be against it? Once Turkey gets a decent government we should seize the opportunity and speed up the process! Germany wasn't always perfect but we gave it a chance as a leading nation in the world.
Why do so many people here associate Turkey exclusively with idiots like Erdogan is beyond me! Merkel should understand that supporting Turkey's accession into the EU doesn't mean it will happen, untill conditions are met.
While she keeps opposing it completely, even if the conditions are met. That's the anti-Turkey propaganda we get here.
The real Turkey is the one where students, workers, secularists, gays, women, men, alevi, sunni, shia, jews, kurds, and so on protest together.
It's the one that hosted the largest pride parade in Southeastern Europe.
It's the one where secularism and common sense prevail.
Not the one of islamsits, arabists, fear-mongers and hate-preachers.
Likewise the real Europe belongs to philosophers, to free-thinkers, to social movements and those who struggle. It belongs to common people like me.
Not to the politically correct crowd or a group of old hags in parliament who can barely get anything done.
I love you guys, let's work together, not against each other!
Sorry for the long rant x.x
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2020.09.14 19:45 DavidofSasun The Power of AncestryDNA & Uncovering Turkey's Hidden Armenians

In 2018 I participated in the Ancestry DNA project. One of the more intriguing aspects of AncestryDNA is the feature that connects you with many distant relatives who have also taken the test; ranging from 3rd cousins to 5th cousins and beyond.
Thus far I have about 184 close DNA Matches and over 400 distant DNA matches. From all my matches about 90-95% of them are Armenian (and some half Armenian.) The remainder consists of different ethnic groups such as Assyrians, Kurds and Turks.
What fascinated me the most about my DNA matches was finding more about my Turkish “distant cousins”. Many Western Armenian (whether they like to admit it or not) have distant Turkish cousins and relatives who are unaware of it. After the Genocide, many survivors (mainly young women) were forced to convert and marry Turkish men. A lot of them never exposed their past, they never exposed who they really were and died without telling a single soul about their true identity.
However, we're recently reading about more and more Turks coming out and talking about how they have had grandparents and great-grandparents who were Armenian.
I decided to message a couple of these people and tell them that I’m Armenian and asked if they knew about any Armenian relatives in their family.
Note: For reference, my family originally came from the Ottoman Armenian city of Kharpert (today known as Harpoot or Elazig.)
My current AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate is 94% Turkey & Caucasus (with community marked as Armenians), 4% General Middle East and 2% Iran/Persia.
Here are screenshots I’ve taken of some of the conversations I’ve had a couple of DNA matches who are Turkish:
Screenshot 1: https://imgur.com/hCSEP9i
Screenshot 2: https://imgur.com/8HP48DM
Screenshot 3: https://imgur.com/mG8DZeB
Screenshot 4: https://imgur.com/gBpzRlk
Thanks for reading and I hope many of you might find this informative and insightful!
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2020.09.13 01:21 AlVegas I have PTSD, ADHD and BPD and became a Neo-Nazi because of it

Hey my fellow Redditors, this is obviously a very hard post for me to make. I’ve been to Psychward and a Psychiatric Daycare Unit in the last few months and I’ve been seeing a therapist for a few weeks now. I’ve actually never been better in my life than right now, but there’s still a long way to go and a lot of problems I am still facing. And one problem is actually something this community can help me with.
One aspect of my PTSD is that I’m suffering from terrible social anxiety. I actually can enjoy being on the outside again thanks to therapy but as soon as other people start to u me, like talking to me, when I don’t know that person or staring at me longer than a few seconds I still get panic attacks and want to run away as fast as possible.
Another problem I have is that of the few friends I have only one knows of my past and my mental health problems. I am to ashamed to tell them about it. There’s still a lot of stigma about borderline and PTSD is relatively rare here in Germany so I’m scared if they’re going to abandon me if they know everything. Or I’m scared to meet new persons even on the internet, because I’m to afraid about being judged. My therapist tries to assure me that this is now going to happen since I’m still the same person I was before my diagnosis but I still have my doubts.
So last session we we’re talking about the things I just told you about and he suggested that I should combine those two things and face my fears by making a post here on Reddit and telling thousands of foreign people about the thinks that make me hate myself so much. At first I thought he was fucking joking, but he asked me if I already were on reddit and when I answered yes he gave me the task to do exactly that what I’m doing now.
Until five minutes ago I still thought that this is just bullshit. But now, feeling the panic run through my blood again is making me think now, that this could actually be a stepping stone in facing this particular kind of problems. So I’m going to tell you about the darkest time in my life now, Reddit!
I grew up in a small town in central germany. We’ve had a thriving immigrant community in this town. Turkish People, Albanians, Kurds and a lot of other nationalities. I had a lot of friends from different cultural backgrounds. Even though I was just a child I loved learning about the different countries all my friends were from. My best friend was of kurdish descent, his mother made the best food I ever tasted till then and the family would always take me in if my home turned to a battlefield again. He had a brother who was four years older then us. His brother was always friendly with me, hugging me, touching my back, patting my head. He treated me like I was his sister. But he never touched his real sisters like that.
The first day of the summer break came, it was our last one together, we would go to different schools after the break. We wanted to play from morning to evening, so I went as soon as I woke up to him. His brother opened the door and told me that his family went buying groceries real quick and that they would be soon back. He lied. My best friend broke his arm the night before, while falling down the stairs. He had to get surgery. His father was at work and his sisters and their mother were in the hospital with my best friend.
He raped me. I didn’t fight it. I’ve had frightening experiences before, so I knew that fighting it would have just made it worse. I was to young to grasp what exactly he was doing to me, but still old enough to knew, that it was grown up stuff and if it’s that what adults do then I wouldn’t want to grow up. When he finally let me go it was dark outside. But that wasn’t the worst thing about that. My mother telling me that it was my fault what he had done to me, because I let myself get involved with those people in the first place. That’s what broke me.
I fell into a hole. I was just a shell without a personality. I failed school, lost all my friends, lost contact to the part of my family that i cared about. A year after it happened my mother found herself a new boyfriend and immediately got pregnant from him, so we had to move 500km away from that place. My emptiness suddenly became anger. I became acquainted with one of my classmates. He said stuff like: „all immigrants are bad people. People that we shouldn’t have in germany“ In my anger-fueled brain the stuff he said made sense. We would insult foreigners we meet, paint Swatsikas on park benches and walls.
A year passed and puberty hit me hard. I grew about 30cm in half a year and was now taller than everybody else in my class. I also got really fit,for a girl,because I had to do a lot of digging in our rented garden for new waterpipes, my stepfather was always to wasted to do it. My classmate made me meet his brother. His brother was the leader of a small Neo-Nazi gang that was infamous on our school. I should become part of this group, but I had to undergo an initiation first. I had to participate in a hunt. Of course they were hunting people. The first punch I gave that young man of middle eastern descent almost made me throw up. I hated hurting other people. But the more I looked in his face the more his face looked like His face. It felt like I could finally take revenge on him for doing this to me. I felt so good. The feeling that I had finally control over him and not he over me made me ignore the little voice in the back of my head that was telling me how wrong all of this was and that I should not get involved with people like this under any circumstances ever. The rush I had brought silence to those worries. But as soon as I got home the 'higj' was gone and I had a panic attack, because I was so terrified of what I had done. That night I self-harmed for the first time.
It became routine. I could take 'revenge', I’ve felt good and became terrified of myself as soon as I was alone. But it wasn’t just this, that kept me in this group. I’ve had people I could trust without second-guessing. And we weren’t just a gang, we were a family, at least that’s what we would always call ourselves. A word I was very sensitive too. I’ve had no family since we moved here and actually none before. They would make me feel needed, respected, like I was really a part of them. It was a codependency. They made me feel loved while bringing the worst of myself out. And I endured it because it felt like the best life for me.
I left the group after a year. I first started to question the things my fellow members were saying, when I noticed that I was attracted to other girls. A person, who shouldn’t be allowed to live, according to them. A month before I left they attacked an elderly afro-german man. I refused to participate. This was different from the young/middle-aged men we took normally on. They could at least resist. They broke my nose for my disobedience. The thing that made me leave in the end was, when a guy from a other gang with only adult members, we sometimes hung out with bragged how he fucked a thirteen year old girl. I went furious when I heard that. All the time they told me that they were superior, that all child molesters should die, but in the end they were just the same. After I screamed various insults at them and told them that I would leave them they beat me up of course. When I finally made it home my mother again laughed at me and told me that it was my fault for getting involved with people like this. This time she was actually right. Again I was depressed and all alone.
I got a bit better after I moved back to my grandparents, who live about 10km from where I was born. I was stable enough to take an apprenticeship and become a specialized nurse for elderly care. I thought I was gonna make it without therapy and just the help of cannabis to boast my mood, help me with the anxiety and the keep me free off the nightmares I have every night. I took a job in a nursing home that specialized in immigrants. That also helped. Like I could atone for the horrendous things I committed. But one year ago my mother made me want to know that she was still alive and well. I had a traumatizing experience again and fell into a hole. But for the first time in my life I took profesional help. Which takes us back to the beginning.
Sorry, I didn’t plan to write this much of a text. But actually feeling the pain, reliving the situations I described, the panic I’ve had while writing this and the little feeling of inner peace and confidence I have right now made me realize that it was a good idea to write all of this.
Thanks for listening to my shitty life story, I hope you have great day/night! And please ask any questions while I still feel confident to answer them!
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2020.09.12 15:47 Chiarin My Eurovision Journey - 2002

Held in Tallinn, Estonia. I like that they visit some of the street parties all over Europe; it makes it feel very inclusive. I also absolutely adored the postcards - they had very little to do with the fairy tales they were supposed to represent (also, since when is Frankenstein a fairy tale?) but several of them actually made me snigger, so good job there. The presenters are okay, but unfortunately Annely Peebo's voice is extremely annoying. Nothing she can do anything about, but there you have it. On to the songs!
Cyprus sends a boyband, which is nice eyecandy at least. It's got a nice, driving beat and overall it's not too bad.
The UK is a ballad, so not my thing, but she does have a very good voice, and I like the bits where the music stops for a second or two. Not my song, but it is good.
Austria's chorus is nothing but an endless repeat of the song's title, which gets tired very quickly. Otherwise it's not bad, but not great either (which is very much a theme in these early 2000s).
WTF is this, Greece? Weird outfits, fake echoes and a bad lead singer. This is pretty hideous.
Spain is aggressively cheerful. I can't say this is doing much for me, and for the love of all the Eurovision gods, please stop singing 'celebration'.
Croatia is rather bland, that's all I have to say.
Russia is also a boyband, but much less eyecandy-like than Cyprus. The song's got a nice chorus, but the verses are a bit boring.
Estonia came joint third? Not sure why, really. This isn't bad, but it's not great either. The UK's entry was better.
FYR Macedonia sends something slow and a little dark. Halfway through the song she rips off her outer dress, but that gold and red thing underneath really isn't an improvement on what she had before. Just like the dress, the song started off better than it finishes.
Israel is pretty boring, even if she can sing.
I don't like Switzerland's voice, and the song is a ballad, so no thanks.
Sweden has three women in pretty awful silver dresses and boots. Another prime example of Swedish Europop, by now almost as predictable as Irish ballads. I don't think they're the greatest singers, otherwise this might not be so bad, but as it is it's a bit meh.
(Commercial break, and okay, Annely's voice sounds a lot better when she's singing. Not that I like the song, but she can sing.)
To me, Finland is similar in style to Sweden, and I don't really like this song either, but it really does make me think that Europe has it in for Finland, given that Sweden got at least twice as many points.
Denmark falls into the 'not unpleasant but bland' category.
Bosnia Herzegovina is the same. It's all much of a muchness this year.
Belgium performs with gusto, I'll give him that. It's kind of catchy, but it's still not gripping me.
France has a nice dress and a good voice, but the song isn't for me. (Which I'm sure surprises no one by now.)
I don't like Germany at all. I don't think the lead singer is entirely in tune, and I'm incredibly distracted by how much she looks like Jennifer Saunders.
Turkey has the best dress of the night so far, but while the song is pleasantly Turkish, it's not great.
Malta sounds vaguely familiar for some reason. I keep repeating myself, but while this isn't bad, I just don't feel anything special while listening to this.
Romania has a nice piano, and occasionally some nice harmonies, but the female singer's voice is rather piercing, and it's a ballad, so overall it's a no.
I like the story behind Slovenia's drag queen entry, and they look pretty good, but the song is nothing to write home about.
The winner is Marie N with I Wanna for Latvia. I'm not going to lie, I actually rather like this, especially the chorus, and while the whole costume thing is pretty gimmicky, I love how the whole thing works out, and the fact that she's left with a pretty decent dress at the end of it. I think it helps that the singer oozes confidence - she carries this pretty well. I can certainly see why this won, and I might even have voted for it on the night, had I watched it then, especially given the sameness of the rest of the evening.
I have no idea what Lithuania's lead singer was thinking when he picked that outfit, but I feel like he's trying to look French and all he was told was 'beret plus stripey top', so he fails miserably. The song is bland.
The interval act is better than what I was expecting when they mentioned a children's choir. I barely heard them, and the dancing was pretty neat. I especially liked the half-naked men flagellating themselves with tree branches as if they'd just stepped out of (or into) the sauna.
The voting is a two-horse race between Malta and Latvia - no one else really gets a look in. I did love the fact that there were a few Swiss fans in the hall with cowbells. It's never wrong to have a little more cowbell.
The Barbara Dex award is between Sweden's awful silver dresses and Lithuania's fake Frenchman, but I'm going to go with Sweden because there were three of them. The official award went to Greece, but I thought their song was worse than the outfits, so I'll let them off.
These past few years have taught me that things can be bland even without 20-odd ballads. There is literally nothing this year that I want to keep.
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2020.09.11 22:05 ar_david_hh Sep/11/2020: \\ details emerge about mass-alcohol poisoning \\ 2000 assassination attempt of Artsakh prez \\ draft-dodgers could get a chance \\ USA talks investments \\ anti-corruption busts \\ INTERPOL & foreign affairs \\ infrastructure & roads \\ COVID rules change \\ airlines resume \\ exports

the 2000 assassination attempt of Artsakh president: new developments

Decades earlier, Artsakh war general Samvel Babayan (currently security councilman) and several others were found guilty of plotting to kill Artsakh president Arkadi Ghukasyan in 2000. Babayan served 4 years out of 12.
Babayan insisted it was a set up to eliminate him politically. Now there is a new legal process around it.
Artsakh's prosecutors have launched an investigation to find out if former officials abused their powers and committed torture, after Babayan's recent petition.
Babayan claims there is evidence proving that several suspects were innocent, and that they were tortured to testify against Babayan.

New law for diasporan men who didn't serve in the army?

There was a law that used to allow >27yo men to pay a ~$8,000 penalty for not serving in the army, and safely return to Armenia. It recently expired.
The QP party and IND MP drafted a new bill to replace it with a new law.
The >27yo men could have their records cleared by paying a sum equalling a 2-year army contractor's salary.
And if they decide to voluntarily join the army within 3 years of the payment, they will get a refund, and they'll be able to work in the public service sector in the future.

the mass-alcohol poisoning story is being unfolded

10 people died last week after Armavir man (Suspect1) sold homemade vodka with methyl to residents.
The police found the middleman (Suspect2) who sold the vodka to Suspect1.
Middleman Suspect2, in turn, bought it from Suspect3.
Suspect2 says he only acted as a middleman between Suspect1 and Suspect3, and that Suspect1 checked the quality before buying.
Suspect3 claims he is in the alco-gel sanitizer business and not drinking alcohol business. But he later made an interesting revelation:
he recently got into a spirit selling business to make extra cash. That's when he allegedly bought the poisoned batch from someone else (Suspect4), but he didn't know it contained methyl, and when he sold it to Suspect2, the latter didn't notify that it was going to be used for producing a drinkable vodka.
The existence of the alleged Suspect4 is being investigated by police.

Armenia's foreign investment environment is improving

... according to the U.S. State Department, in a lengthy report which talks about the post-revolution anti-corruption fight. "Investors say some problems still exist."
It mentions about the improved ranking in various international indexes, as well as the unresolved issues around Amulsar mining.
"The law treats foreign and Armenian businesses equally", says the report, "but foreign investors are still concerned about unfair treatment by the judicial system."
"Armenia has a big human capital and population that is educated in math, science, technology, architecture, who work in the high-tech industry."
Intellectual Property rights are still weak.

NSS busts officials with unsafe gas station corruption

The report says: several Emergency Ministry officials colluded with a company Director to illegally allow him to build a gas station without a valid permit.
The company sold gas between 2014-2020. It didn't have a gas compression pump, so it used one from a nearby warehouse. The officials failed to conduct safety audits and stop dangerous activities.
A felony case is launched. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1027340.html

Yeghegnut residents "boycott" HHK mayor's return

Yeghegnut residents held another protest in front of the govt building. They don't want their HHK mayor, whom they kicked out in 2018, to return.
Although the mayor resigned, he later sued the government and got his job back because the municipality council never ratified his resignation, thus leaving a loophole for his return.
Now the residents want to kick him out again. "We have two mayors and two stamps, essentially."

bad food or he just needed some cash? 🤔

Former HHK MP Gurgen Arsenyan's son allegedly used two knives to rob his father's cook of $40 while in the kitchen. He's been arrested. The knives were found and confiscated.
https://shamshyan.com/hy/article/2020/09/10/1164268/ , https://factor.am/282910.html

about food poisoning...

Healthcare officials are concerned about the widespread occurrences of food poisoning in recent years.
They advise against homemade canning (zakat) unless you know how to properly treat it with heat. Boil it for 25 minutes before eating. Canning should be done with cooling, drying, or salting. Don't buy homemade can foods.
Poisoned food tastes the same as regular food. It begins destroying your nervous system within 2 hours to 10 days.
More: https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/195564

Aliyev regime uses INTERPOL for politics

Azeri army recently captured an Armenian soldier who went to check an Armenian outpost but took the wrong route due to bad weather. The soldier was tortured and forced to read a text off the screen.
Aliyev regime claims the soldier "gave names" of "co-conspirators". Now they plan to ask INTERPOL to arrest two "co-conspirator" Armenian officers. Armenian authorities say INTERPOL hasn't received such a request from Azerbaijan, yet.
Azeri army disciplined 14 soldiers for breaking army secrecy laws by recording the Armenian soldier and sending videos to relatives.

Azerbaijan-Israel relations could weaken

After a decade-long honeymoon, Azerbaijan's role for Israel is diminishing.
energy alternatives
In the past, due to the Arab world's sanctions, Israel couldn't purchase oil from the Persian Gulf. The biggest partners were Russia and Azerbaijan. With Israel-UAE relations improving, this might change.
Trump plans to mediate a peace agreement between the two on September 15th. It's expected that the UAE, which is OPEC's 4th largest member, will begin to sell oil to Israel at a cheap price. This could reduce Azerbaijan's importance to Israel.
Azerbaijan's support for Turkey
The Israeli-Turkish relations are keep worsening to due Turkey's support for Hamas, Mediterranean disputes, Turkey's meddling in Palestinian affairs, and Turkey's ever-increasing religious-nationalist rhetoric. Israel is aware of the AZ-TR cooperation.
symbolic Muslim-Jewish cooperation
The relations with Azerbaijan as a Muslim country served a symbolic role for decades. But with the Arab countries (EAU for now, and others might join soon) improving their relations with Israel, the Azeri symbolism diminishes.
Analysis by ArmenPress: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1027357.html

upcoming Independence Day

Niagara Waterfalls will light up in the Armenian flag for 15 minutes on September 21st (at 10 pm) to mark the independence day, said the Armenian embassy in Canada.

military training

Armenia used its air defense units to identify and shoot an imaginary enemy as part of a CIS military training.

Church gave a green light

The church held a sermon to "bless" the education materials so you can safely go back to school.

COVID stats

+3,450 tested. +177 infected. +201 healed. +3 deaths. 2880 active. 231259 tested.
Inspectors have found far fewer safety violations lately.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1027334.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1027402.html

only 2 infections in prisons

Since the beginning of the pandemic, only 2 inmates were infected in the penitentiary system. They were isolated. 71 guards were also diagnosed.

Artsakh has extended the emergency order

...by another month

Armenia declares a 4-month Quarantine

As announced earlier, the Emergency Order is being replaced by a lesser-restrictive "Quarantine" beginning today, until January 11th. "The COVID situation remains tense."

Deputy PM Tigran Avinyan loses his job...

... as the chief Emergency Taskforce Coordinator, because the Taskforce no longer exists. The Healthcare Ministry will take over during the Quarantine.

Quarantine rules about overcrowding, army, etc.

Weddings, birthday, funeral, holiday gatherings are allowed with <60 attendees.
Non-commercial concerts, sports, cultural gatherings are allowed with <60 attendees.
Some indoor activities are allowed with <60 people and the right type of air conditioning.
You still need to wear a mask, keep a 1.5m distance, have an ID.
You still can't pay a physical visit to a relative in the army.
After flying to Armenia, you'll either spend 2 weeks at home or take a COVID test at the airport and walk freely if it's negative.
You cannot enter Armenia over land unless you're a citizen, resident, coming for a funeral, a cargo driver, etc.
You can pay a lengthy visit to a prison inmate after getting tested within 3 days of the visit.
More inside:

Air France will resume flights to Armenia

... beginning Sunday, with Paris-Yerevan-Paris.

20 out of 30 questioned airlines have agreed

... to resume flights with Armenia soon.

COVID in Georgia

The neighbors are bracing for impact. 87 cases were found yesterday alone, much higher than earlier.
The 0.7/100,000 infection rate went to 10.2/100,000 since July. As a result, Georgia is downgraded from green to yellow zone.
They decided to delay schools by another 2 weeks in several regions. Theaters and playgrounds will remain closed for another month.

Animated graph of Armenia's top export products, by year


All-Armenia charity fund

... has collected $412,000 in donations for Lebanon-based Armenian teachers and education programs for this school year.
A portion of it will be donated to Lebanon-based media outlets like Ararat, Azdak, etc.
"Lebanese-Armenians have always supported both the homeland and the Diaspora with great devotion. Now it's our turn to help them. The amount raised will - to some extent - alleviate socio-economic difficulties", said the charity.
This particular charity was first held in December-2019 when the Lebanese economy worsened.

Armenian women in the military


Subsidies for roads and infrastructure upgrades

Shogakhat settlement will have a new solar farm and park. Its surrounding settlements will have street lighting.
Sevan city's Griboyedov street, and roads leading to 5 apartment complexes, are being renovated. They'll have new curbs, signs, etc.
4 roads are being renovated in Tsovagyugh, Gegharquniq.
6km drinking water pipes are being installed in 3 villages in Gegharquniq.
Areni and surrounding "merged" settlements received heavy equipment for sanitation.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1027364.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1027367.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1027369.html , https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/195546

oof.... Vanadzor's new fountains are ready

Vanadzor has a new colorful "singing" fountains. Hundreds of residents gathered to watch it. It was first launched in 2019 but was "recalled" for modifications.
They will light up on Tue-Sun between 8-10 pm.
Photos: https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/195585

Top-5 Armenian books in August

It's that time of the week again. What Armenian books were the Yerevan book-junkies busy reading in August?
5) Թեյահոլիզմ, by Lilith Mkrtchyan. Eleven stories from the author's life.
4) Ինձ պիոններ չնվիրես, by Gohar Navasardyan. A love story.
3) Balzac: A Dog's Tale, by Levon Nes (Hovhannisyan). It's about a wise dog and some intellectual comparisons with humans.
2) Կախվածություն, by Syune Sevada. It's a collection of short stories about various topics.
1) (Չ)վեպ, by Hovhannes Hovakimyan. The protagonist goes through a mental rollercoaster.
You've read 1748 words.

Disclaimer & Terminology

1) The accused are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, even if they sound guilty.
2) Currency in Armenian ֏ unless specified otherwise.
3) NSS/SIS/SOC = law enforcement agencies. QP = Civil Contract Party. LHK = Bright Armenia Party. BHK = Prosperous Armenia Party. HHK = Republican Party. ARF = Armenian Revolutionary Federation Party
4) ARCHIVE of older posts by Idontknowmuch: PART 1 ; PART 2 ; PART 3 ; PART 4 ; PART 5.
5) ARCHIVE of older posts by Armeniapedia.
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2020.09.10 20:01 youngstunna21 Moroccan wedding?

Hey guys, I’m turkish from origins. I met this moroccan girl, and we wanna get married. We live in Belgium but she wants a marriage in morocco(Casablanca). So my question is how much does a average marriage cost there? Plus my girlfriend said the girls side pays for the marriage and the men brings gifts, is this true? Do you have any recommendations to mix both of the cultures? Btw I don’t speak french or arabic, only English, dutch and turkish. Any tips to communicate there with her folks etc.
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2020.09.09 10:09 GeorgeStanev1 What's with the racism towards afro Greeks?

I am part Afro Greek and people NEVER understand like why?
Info about afro Greeks: https://www.protothema.gstories/article/827376/afroellines-oi-mauroi-ellines-tis-thrakis/
In english
PrivacyPrivacy ProtoThema.gr MENOY
Stories Afro-Greeks: The black Greeks of Thrace! bl0 07/10/2018, 17:13 81 Thema Insights yava00 Online annual fitness subscription with 68 € and all group programs for free! 07/09/2020, 16:12 Investing in special education 04/09/2020, 11:53 You Define the Future with Your Choices 31/08/2020, 13:56 How were they found in Greece? - In which villages do they live? - What do they say about their origin and living conditions?
In recent special years, at least in the big Greek cities, we meet blacks, coming almost exclusively from Africa. These are mostly economic immigrants.
Some of them have joined the Greek society, with the most characteristic case being that of the Antetokunbo brothers.
There are of course black people (the use of the word "black" is done exclusively to identify the color and has no racist characteristics) Greeks and black Greek women, children of mixed marriages between Greeks - Greek women with black - black. Like the old international basketball player Sophocles Schortsianitis.
But how many know that there are also African Greeks (according to African Americans), with black skin, who live for centuries in Thrace? But let's look at more information about them.
Where do Afro-Greeks live?
The Afro-Greeks, about a thousand in number today, live in some villages of the prefecture of Xanthi. Specifically, their "Kefalochori" is Avato, while they have a strong presence in the villages of Paleo Katramio, Evlalo, Dekarcho, Kremasti and Paleo Erasmio.
They are born in Greece, Greek citizens, Muslims in the religion who speak Greek with a Thracian accent and even resent when asked if they are Greek…
How did the Afro-Greeks find themselves in Thrace?
Scientists have not been particularly concerned with the "black Greeks". An exception is the professor of the Democritus University of Thrace Nikolaos Xirotyris, founder of the Anthropology Laboratory at DUTH. (1992).
In an interview with Vangelis Botsaris and the newspaper "Ethnos", he stated:
"It is known that African tribes arrived in Thrace in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. They were transported there by Egyptian sultans who wanted workers, slaves for their fields. Like Mohammed Ali (Pasha of Egypt born in Kavala and father of Ibrahim), who owned areas such as Kavala and Xanthi, brought Africans, mainly from Sudan which was then a colony of Egypt "…".
This seems to be the most prevalent version.
Some believe that the distant ancestors of the Afro-Greeks came to Thrace from the slave markets of the East and were bought as "bravos" by local Ottoman officials.
The version that the "black Greeks" are descendants of Africans brought to Greece by the Allies during World War I also does not seem possible.
The life of the Afro-Greeks in the villages of Xanthi
As we mentioned, Afro-Greeks are Muslims in religion. In the villages of Xanthi where they live, there are several mosques. For some incomprehensible reason, their children attend minority schools and along with Greek, they also learn Turkish!
They live in harmony with the Christian Greeks of the area and have their own customs.
Most of them are craftsmen and farmers, they do not face racial problems while the men proudly declare that they served in the Greek Army.
The first mixed marriages took place in 1945 with women from Kirtzali, Bulgaria.
When the population was exchanged with the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, they had to either leave or stay in Greece.
The fact that they did not go to Turkey, nor of course to Sudan, with which today's African-Greeks say they have absolutely nothing to do and remained in Greece, shows a lot. We hope to find out more about the "black Greeks" and quote them in a future article.
Sources: "STRANGE GREECE, THE ABSOLUTE TRAVEL GUIDE", i Write publications See all the latest News from Greece and the World, the moment they happen, at Protothema.gr News Feed News Popular Commented Velopoulos is against the use of a mask by children under 12 years old 2 minutes ago See what happens to your body every time you drink beer 2 minutes ago Shock in Heraklion, Crete: Imprisonment for 35-year-old Egyptian for indecency at 9-year-old 7 minutes ago Here is which child the parents love the most 7 minutes ago Vassilis Kikilias - Jenny Balatsinou: "Gift of God, gift of life our baby" 15 minutes ago The incredible resemblance of Prince Charles to Prince Harry in a new photo 17 minutes ago LIVE UPDATE US Open live: Sakkari-Williams 1-1 set 18 minutes ago Spain "broke the barrier" of 500,000 diagnosed cases 19 minutes ago Turkish opposition fires at Erdogan: She is a "kitten" abroad 22 minutes ago 9 restaurants with the most impressive view in the world 27 minutes ago see all the news 276 SHARES Share to Facebook Share to WhatsApp Share to Twitter Share to Print Share to More ... 276 SHARES Share to Facebook Share to WhatsApp Share to Twitter Share to Print Share to More ... Best of Network Erdogan2 How Erdogan today shot his feet and dropped the pound to a new all-time low 200903180256_hair_dye Do you dye your hair at home? You should read this survey 200907110818_MINI-JCW-GP-POG Tumble a few hours after receipt (video) katkr Say goodbye to fluid retention with 10 simple tricks 9066_LIGNADIS_KERAMEOS_05092020 Niki Kerameos: Rare public appearance accompanied by her husband, Dimitris Loukas 07/09/2020, 13:00 200906203533_xeiropedes -_ 1_ They were getting diplomas without exams 39 minutes ago Nannuka Nannuka: How we prepare for a "different" winter. 07/09/2020, 09:31 myga An 80-year-old man blew up his house in an attempt to kill a fly 07/09/2020, 18:16 gaidaroi Donkeys almost entered a bar in Ermoupolis (vid) 07/09/2020, 18:17 cholesterol Triglycerides and cholesterol: The most effective way to keep them low 07/09/2020, 19:49 COMMENTS (81) Logical Chrysaugitis 21/09/2019, 05:28
Get out of here. To go to Sudan. They are not even Christians like Alexander the Great and Achilles !!! Answer Alex 09/10/2018, 06:06
The specific inhabitants of these mountain villages of Thrace are from Sudanya, after all they are not very dark, as the Sudanese have suffered strong intermingling with the Egyptians of Arab origin, they came to the area in the eighteenth century and then in the eighteenth century. were Ottoman provinces, the Turks obviously needed cheap labor, what better than the Muslim Sudanese, the people apparently out of poverty left Sudan, which was then a remote and impoverished Ottoman province in the aftermath of the area in greece..the ottoman empire was really huge in size, in fact in many parts of the balkans, african nationals of turkish descent settled..there are many in kosovo, skopje, abkhazia and of course in turkey, which were transferred by the Ottomans to their sparsely populated possessions in the Middle East..the Ottoman The emperor was probably the America of the 17th century, if you were a Muslim you were also an Ottoman, and let you be yellow, black, white and everything else, as today Americans are considered all US citizens, regardless of color .. Answer The big mistake of the Balkan nationals! 08/10/2018, 19:03
It is that they connected the meaning of the nation with that of the religion. Thus for the Greek nationalists, "Greek" is only who is Greek Orthodox, for the Bulgarians "Bulgarian" is the Bulgarian Orthodox and for the Serbs, "Serb" is the Serb. In this way, the leaderships of these peoples expelled large groups of people who spoke the same language, simply because "they had different customs" as some stupid nationals below comment, ie they were of different religions. The Greeks expelled the Turks, dispossessing the Turks to claim that these (Laz) are Georgians, while the Pontic Christians who uprooted them and carried them to the modern Greek state are descendants of .... Perseus! They expelled the Turko-Cretans, who spoke only the Cretan dialect and taught them to gave their fortunes to the Christians. They dismissed and expelled the goldsmiths, THE ONLY GREEK-SPEAKERS OF MACEDONIA BECAUSE THEY WERE MUSLIMS MANOI and expelled them to Turkey, where of course they became alienated forgetting the "hated" Romans. In the same stupid way the Bulgarians expelled the Bulgarian-speaking Muslim Pomaks and the Bulgarian-speaking patriarchs-the Greek-Macedonians in Macedonia and the claims that he spoke another language, just .... he is lying). The only exception to this karagioziliki (the national bidding if you prefer) THE GREAT ENVER HODZA, who, although a Muslim himself, managed to consolidate the idea that INCLUDES ALL ALBANIANS REGARDLESS OF RELIGION (Muslims are the majority, which of the 5.5-6 million Albanians in Albania, Kosovo and Skopje, 20% are Orthodox, of whom 7% are Orthodox and about 7% two and a half million of the least orthodox Albanians in Greece and half a million Catholics in southern Italy the percentages change dramatically) PS I am not Albanian, but I really admire Enver Hoxha and I consider him as the most persevering politician who passed through the Balkans after the dissolution of Oth. Empire. Answer When you are unrelated to politics 08/10/2018, 19:58
better not to write. A state can only survive if it has homogeneity. Answer b 08/10/2018, 21:08
Dude, what you write is completely absurd, really incomprehensible !!! It is obvious that there is a problem of perception. What is the reality? The Ottoman Empire was the Caliphate (until 1924), and therefore this state relied on the exploitation of Christians (as clearly provided by the sharia but also the obvious interests of the ruling class of the Ottoman Empire). This naturally led to constant revolutions of the Christian population. The final episode in this long process took place in 1922. It was then understood that a lasting exchange of populations was needed for lasting peace. There had to be some criteria. Quite rightly, the rulers then decided that the criteria could NOT be racial. In the end, the most reasonable criterion was religion. Everything else you say shows a fundamental lack of understanding, knowledge and perception. It is obvious that you belong to the people who imagine the worst for those who do not like. Answer possible 08/10/2018, 17:19
to have Greek customs and traditions when they belong to another religion? where are you finally addressing re gmt? for how many milks do you finally have us? Do you understand that the "holidays" that you celebrate and the morals that you advocate as a society come from the teaching of your religion you who write these milks? the ..... "columnists"? And is it a coincidence that they live 2 centuries HIDDEN and ISOLATED? Is it out of shame or fear of retaliation? Because they know very well who they are, why they came here and what they did? go back to your cages with your bananas Answer John 08/10/2018, 17:55
You urgently need psychiatric care. Answer Michalis Stoukas 08/10/2018, 18:32
Good evening, if you read the text more carefully, you will see that I write "... and they have their own customs" (meaning "black Greeks"). It is a simple syntax. Also, they are neither hidden nor isolated. You can even find videos on you tube about them. Just because many people are unaware of their existence, does not mean that these people are working the evil of Greece .... There are not even a thousand. The "columnist", thank you for the comment, be well. Answer Indeed, is it possible? 08/10/2018, 19:57
Should there be amoebas like yours that claim to be ..... descendants of Socrates? That is, what did they do and are they hiding with police Saini? Did they kill your father? Or did they rape your grandmother? (If that were the case, you would be .... black) Well written below, that national equals .... radish (ie radish IQ). Answer MACEDONIAN RACE 08/10/2018, 12:03
They are savages and the Greek scientists do not know anything at all because firstly they do not have a correct judgment and secondly they do not belong to any race only in one spirit or one idea called Hellenism. However, they did not understand that being Greek is only a general racial identification as if today someone says that he is Celtic .... () Another Greek citizen and another Greek by origin (by blood) and again another thing to be MACEDONIAN and another thing is to be a Peloponnesian, Epirusian, Thessalian or Indo-European multinational Thracian who was hardly Hellenized to glorify the now Greeks of antiquity, Democritus, Thucydides and so on, as he became a Greek -kotronis, immortal deacon and co. TOUTESTIN TURKALBANE STARSYTEM PSOROKOSTAINELLAS ___________ end Answer Calm down dude 08/10/2018, 12:52
The Illyrians are Greek, accept your origin. (Kolokotronis wrote memoirs: "Narration of events of the Greek Tribe") Answer Simple DNA 08/10/2018, 13:04
Anyone who has had a child knows: There is a risk of Mediterranean anemia in Greece, Southern Albania (Northern Epirus), Southern Bulgaria, Izmir (yes, even today), Southern Italy (Greater Greece). We are talking about an inherited genetic disease, just as the English (gender, not citizenship) have an increased risk of Down syndrome just because they are English. Even a simple search on Wikipedia will convince you. So clearly there is a genotype that confirms the history we know (from Asia Minor to Greater Greece) and whoever has done the test before getting married, found out. Answer ... 08/10/2018, 14:35
Scientists know absolutely nothing and you know? Answer About integration 08/10/2018, 11:37
I remind you of the simple. The minority is part of the majority - IF it wants and IF it can, (eg the Jews for 2000 years remained distinct, the Arabs in Europe today violently resist, the Greeks in Alexandria, Polis etc remained distinct and many other examples). Arrivals are more than native births. So, logically, the Greek minority will join the Moroccan majority. Answer Land area. 08/10/2018, 11:32
When Liakopoulos talks about Ichor and says that the blood of the Greeks has something special, we rightly laugh. Surprisingly, we do not laugh when the Leftists tell us that whoever drinks the water here for 10 years is ... Greek (which they artificially confuse with the Greek). Obviously the water here will have something to do with turning Arabs, Africans, Pakistanis and Somalis into Greeks, as if by magic. - - --This belief "they grew up here, they speak Greek, so they are Greeks" should have been clarified - - - Especially after the city, Izmir, Famagusta, Alexandria, Lesvos. After 600 years in Asia Minor, instead of all the Ottomans becoming Greeks, because they were born in lands that were Greek, they overthrew Hellenism. But some still talk as if there is Ichor in the ... soil. Answer READER 08/10/2018, 10:49
Are these the descendants of the Kakarapids or Turkish Gypsies who took a bag of groceries to skewer Greeks and Serbs ?? Unfortunately, many do not know that the execution of the hero Athanasios Diakos was a common phenomenon during the Turkish occupation and was performed by the tribes I mentioned above with special ability. Answer About 08/10/2018, 10:55
Most likely Sudanese Swordsmen, Ottoman cavalry. Answer Illiteracy? 08/10/2018, 10:47
Citizenship is one thing, nation is another. Unless the Jews did not exist as a separate ethnic group for 2000 years, but suddenly appeared in 1948. Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Albanians, Yezidis, Copts, Druze, Kurds, and other peoples who have spent more centuries without a state than with a state, are nations, races, lighthouses, not papers. Unless we make fun of the Turks who say "everyone is Turkish, there are no Kurds and Armenians". But then we go full speed to war and dismemberment. Answer We did not all learn history from Filis 08/10/2018, 10:41
Islam forbids even many friendships with unbelievers, so that the morals of the believers are not released. For marriage and children, no reason, unless it is preceded by Islamization. Frosini was a historical figure. Our people have always had one word for Islam: Turkey. Answer Loading more comments ADD COMMENT Name * E-mail Comment * 2500 characters left * Required fields See also dse0ierapetra-0 Ierapetra 1947: DSE guerrillas attack gendarmes and Albanian fugitives and dozens of victims 06/09/2020, 20:05 22 lala-0 The battle of Lala: When the Greeks expelled the Albanians from Moria 05/09/2020, 13:23 26 sit-mesa The vaccinator 04/09/2020, 08:56 1 xagis The archipelago, the judges of The Hague and Hamburg and the 12 nautical miles in the Aegean 30/08/2020, 19:40 9 antioxeia_7 The Battle of Antioch of Meander (1211) - The victory-revenge of the Byzantines against the Seljuks for the defeats at Manzikert and Myriokefalo
TLDR: afro Greeks in Greece exist
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2020.09.09 09:28 i3927 Two months of S&S for a barely trained woman: a retrospective

TL/DR: S&S is still fun and I still haven't encountered any plateaus!
Hi all, 25F 161cm/62kg without any meaningful fitness background here. So far I have been following S&S for two months. English is not my first language.
You may have seen my post from a month ago. This post will be about my S&S progress over the course of this month, things that I have (or haven't) figured out and my overall physical improvement.
S&S progress this month
*Swings: *
This month I was finally able to improve my one-handed swing technique. I am really enjoying the core stability/rotation resistance component of this exercise. Right now I am able to do 10x10 one-armed swings in under 05:00 if I am feeling strong and in around 05:30 otherwise.
For me, the limiting factor for this exercise is the grip strength. The 4cm thick KB handle may not be optimal for my 18cm long palms. Using chalk helped a lot with that (thanks users a and b for their kind advice). Weirdly, I can hold the handle safer if I hold it without thumb. If I feel my grip weakening, I put my hand further inside the handle. Not sure if it is a good practice though.
I am doing one-arm swings with 16KG for two consecutive days and two-arm swings with 24 KG on the third day. A two-handed swing day is much better for my calluses and helps me get used to my new gigantic KB.
Swing issues:
Nothing major. My grip needs strengthening and my full body coordination needs improvement. I think I will achieve both if I keep practicing.
I am now almost confident with 16KG TGUs. My wrist is able to stay straight throughout every rep. The advice I got in this sub (my form check and this video) and this SF article on TGU physics have helped my form a lot. I can now move in a more efficient way. My core is getting stronger. It feels good. At my normal pace, I routinely complete 10 reps in around 09:30.
I tried to do one rep with a 24 KG bell for science. I could barely two-hand floor press it. After that I could hold it overhead for whole 5 seconds. 24 KG is A LOT. How on earth are people able to jump 8 KG on TGUs? Maybe 8KG jumps are for men. Either that or I am being too impatient.
Anyway, I've started step-loading with 20 KG (16 KG bell with ankle weights taped onto it). I am doing three to five workouts before adding one more 20 KG rep per side. I am currently at 3x20 KG and 2x16 KG reps per side. It is a decent challenge!
TGU Issues:
Sometimes (in like 40% of cases) my straight leg goes up a bit during the roll-up movement. I'm trying to consciously "anchor" it to the floor, which only helps a little.
I feel like I have something other than fat tissue on my arms. I've seen my biceps for the first time in my life! It feels weird to be flexing in front of a mirror, but it kinda makes me proud lol.
Over the course of this month, I've gone from 2 to 3 consistent pull-ups. I am surprised that I've progressed so much because I don't train pull-ups specifically.
Finally, I am now able to do a full bridge. I could actually lift my upper body from this awkward position! It is all thanks to kettlebells.
In summary, after 2 months of S&S I am still not bored. There is so much to improve and so many things to pay attention to. I continue to get stronger every day and I am glad that I haven't hit any plateaus so far.
How are your KB programs treating you so far? If you are doing S&S, which lift has improved faster, swings or TGUs?
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2020.09.09 09:09 frigidmagi Book Review: The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty​

Quick Note: I post this and other book reviews on a blog http://frigidreads.blogspot.com/ I have an editor, his comments are bolded and Italicized. I take no responsibility for them.
The City of Brass
by S.A. Chakraborty​
Mrs. Chakraborty was born in New Jersey on December 7th, 1984 to working-class Catholics. She converted to Islam in her teens and attended The American University in Cario. It was there that she first read the stories that would provide the seed for The City of Brass. Already studying to be a historian specializing in the Middle East, she researched the region's belief in Djinn and other spirits as well as the rituals used to summon them in folklore. Fast forward to 2008, and Mrs. Chakraborty is married and her husband is attending medical school. The economy has collapsed (Oh, the 2008 crash was so good compared to the one we’re in now. That was just a correction caused by the efficiency of the free market a collapse of a speculation bubble combined with predatory lending practices and what amounts to an economy wrecking gambling addiction. The current one is even worse, caused by an economy that does not have the resiliency to withstand a demand shock because efficient markets cut the fat that allows for that, combined with a consumptive economy where workers are paid barely enough to consume and sustain those supply chains without being able to save for disasters. If you’ve ever heard the term “crisis of capitalism” this is it. Internal contradictions coming home to roost.) and she is volunteering at her local mosque and found herself frustrated that young Muslim men were really only shown one way in entertainment and young Muslim women were rarely shown at all (I for one want to see more and better of both, so good for her!). So she sat down and wrote what started off as, in her own words, Historical fan fiction and turned into a full-blown fantasy novel. Setting fantasy in history is honestly a fine American tradition, Burroughs did it before World War I. Robert E Howard's Solomon Kane series was basically historical fan fiction with magic and fantasy added in. Even the poor mad Lovecraft embraced the use of history as a setting for his fantasies and Mrs. Chakraborty provides a splendid modern example of this tradition. Let's turn to the novel though, shall we?
The City of Brass was published in 2017 by Harper Voyager, a US imprint of the publishing company HarperCollins that handles science fiction and fantasy books. Harper Collins is a fully owned subsidiary of News Corps (Excuse me as I vomit, because that’s Rupert Murdock’s company.). A subsidiary just so everyone knows is a fancy way of saying it's a company owned by another company as opposed to being owned by an individual person. News Corp was founded by Rupert Murdoch in 2013 (See?), and I'll ask my editor to keep the rant to 2 lines so as to keep the review on topic (Request pre-empted {Thank you}). The City of Brass debuted to thunderous applause with a number of magazines and reviewers listing it as the best book of the year and it was a finalist in a number of awards, winning the booknest.eu award for best debut novel and only missing winning the Joseph W Campbell award by a single vote.
The novel is set in the 1800s, during the time of Napoleon's invasion of Egypt but swiftly leaves the real world. The main character of the novel is Nahri, an orphan who grew up on the streets of Cairo. She has used a combination of inborn healing gifts, knowledge she has stolen, begged for, scraped up, and outright theatrics to con wealthy Ottoman nobles and every now and again actually heal someone (Good for her. Always good to con the ruling class to survive. Beats stealing from your fellow poor people. Praxis! {Ehhh, the story makes it clear that Nahri and her fellows will gladly prey on each other but Nahri is smart enough to scam where the money is} Fair.). She'll also rob the homes of various marks, especially rude ones as a single piece of Turkish jewelry can feed her and pay her rent for months. However, with the invasion of the French army under Napoleon bringing in a wave of refugees, Nahri gets the idea to try a new sideline. Much like how Christians believed or still believe in demon possession and witchcraft, Muslims at the time believed (I imagine some still do believe but I have no knowledge of it) that spirits called Djinn would possess people and that complicated exorcisms were necessary to cast the offending spirit out or if the spirit was too powerful at least keep it quiet (There are Muslims who still believe this, yes.). Witnessing a number of these ceremonies Nahri is confident enough that she can fake one well enough to get a payout from wealthy families and maybe even achieve her dream of gathering enough money to bribe an academy into letting her study to learn enough to become a real doctor. However, things go off the rails when Nahri exercises her gifts with languages. You see, Nahri has a gift where hearing a language in conservation is enough for her to understand it and speak it as if she was a native. She also has a language that no one else can speak or learn, one that she assumed was the language of her unknown parents. So when she decides to incorporate her unknown language into the ceremony singing a summoning spell for a Djinn, she gets more than she bargains for and that's a vast understatement (Uh Oh. Elder speech. That’s not good. Or isn’t it?).
Nahri suddenly finds herself at the center of a conflict between Djinn and Ifrits, now these are not demons or angels but are spiritual beings. According to legend and as Nehri is told in the novel, the Djinn are made from fire and smoke, while humans were made from dust and the earth. Because of this, the Djinn have vast powers and it's hard for an average human to even see a Djinn let alone fight one. So the Djinn would at times make a sport out of tormenting humanity because there were no consequences for wrecking a human city if they felt like it. Unfortunately for them, divine consequences ensued. A human king and prophet named Suleiman (for westerners that would be Solomon) called up the Djinn and demanded that they submit to his judgment or be stripped of all their powers. The Ifrits refused and spent every moment of every day finding ways to gain new powers, even if that meant trafficking with hell. The Djinn submitted and were broken up into tribes and had their powers limited. They also had their nearly immortal life span limited to centuries. One Djinn woman not only submitted but aided Suleiman because she felt that the Djinn had gone too far in tormenting humanity and the punishment was just and Suleiman not only gave her more power than any other Djinn but set her in charge of everyone. That woman's family had immense powers of healing and harm, being able to set disease right or command the body to destroy itself. They were not only the political leaders of the tribe but the objects of intense religious devotion. They ruled from the great city of Daevabad until... We'll get to that. More immediately it turns out that Nahri is distantly related to that Djinn woman. In fact, she might be the last living relative of that family and the Ifrit hold a grudge... They're not the only ones and they might not even be the most dangerous enemies that Nahri has (Okay, this is all… pretty damn good as far as background goes, and I commend the author. Also: Holy crap poor Nahri.).
Because that family, her family, was overthrown by another tribe from the harsh desert sands of Arabia. While Nahri's ancestors were members of a fire worshiping religion that reminds me a bit of Zorasterism, the tribe that overthrew them had converted to Islam. Of course, no one claims it was a religious dispute, instead what's pointed to as the issue is the treatment of the shafit. The shafit are people who are born from Djinn/human relationships. They have enough magical power that they could run rampant over humanity if they chose to but while they can be dangerous to an unprepared full-blooded Djinn, they are usually no match for the magical powers a trained adult can bring to bear. Nahri's family viewed shafit's as an abomination and destroyed them whenever possible, which admittedly makes her very existence… Interesting. It was to stop this that the Muslim tribe rose up, or so they claim. However, in modern Daevabad the shafit is oppressed and exploited underclass with few if any legal rights beyond existing (Hypocrisy thy name is human…{You mean Djinn in this case}). They can be enslaved, they cannot carry weapons or learn too much about their inborn powers, they often have no legal recourse against mistreatment by purebloods. They can even have their children taken away at a moment's notice by any pureblooded Djinn who claims a relationship with them. Meanwhile, the original tribe that maintained Daevabad (called the Daevas) and served Nahri's power remains wealthy and strong and still in the city. However, anytime they displease the Royal family to much the guards step back and whip up the shafit to attack, murder, and rob them. The Daevas are also still fire-worshippers, which the shafit who are almost entirely Muslim deeply resent. Things aren't all that great for the Daevas though, as they are constantly under the threat of abuse from the Muslim majority and face laws discriminating against their religion. The current ruling family rather cold bloodily play the Djinn tribes against each other, the fire-worshippers against the Muslim and the Purebloods against the Shafit to maintain their rule.
This is becoming increasingly difficult as decadence and corruption in the royal government become harder and harder to cover up (Haaaaa! They’ve gone Full Hedonism Bot). Among the shafit, a movement known as the Tanzeem has sprung up. It preaches the idea of equality before the law for all Muslims and an end to oppression for the shafit and champions a large list of reforms that are both religious and political in nature. However, the Tanzeem is utterly and completely hostile to the Daevas and wants to pass laws restricting their religious freedom and increase the pressure on them to convert or be dispossessed (Historically Islam has this tendency, as do some sects of Christianity like the Levelers in the English Civil War. There is a massive social justice current within Shia Islam in particular, but its development is parallel with similar currents within Western thought, and religious people for faiths other than People of the Book didn’t feature as strongly. This isn’t to say that Muslims never value it’s just that it wasn’t a thing in the 1800s as much, which is also true of most Christian sects. There’s been a lot of cultural and political cross-pollination since then, and bluntly, as a gay atheist, I had more to worry about from my Baptist neighbors than my Muslim ones in graduate school.) Meanwhile, the Deavas remember who actually built this city and have organized themselves. For the most part, the Deavas have focused on getting in good with the royal family but the Tanzeem have their own noble and royal backers. Some Deavas however remember the abuses and mistreatment that the Muslim royals and other tribes inflicted on them and the humiliations they are continuously forced to swallow don't help. Into this simmering fire of piled resentments, overlapping hierarchies of power, wealth, magic, and oppression, is walking Nahri. She's almost completely ignorant of the complicated and violent history that everyone else is carrying around, barely able to control her powers, and has no idea who is actually her friend and who is actually her foe. What she does have going for her is the fact that she is ruthless, intelligent, and has instincts built from a lifetime of cheating and lying to the wealthy and powerful. Whether or not that will be enough is something you'll have to find out.
The City of Brass is a story about pressure. Of a society under the pressure of religious, ethnic, and political conflicts (How very… Ottoman.). Of families and individuals under the pressure of conflicting loyalties and sympathies. Of Nahri under the pressure to learn how to use her powers and to learn about the dangers, she is surrounded by and maybe even to learn about her heritage, which means learning about some really dark chapters and awful actions. Pressure isn't always a bad thing, the pressure to excel is what drives many of us to learn and master our chosen fields. Pressure can lead to reform and positive change. In fact, without some sort of pressure, it's almost impossible to compel a change in government or society. That said pressure can also lead to atrocity, brutality, and oppression, and let's be honest dear reader there isn't a single one of us on Earth who doesn't have a story about a terrible decision or action taken under pressure that we would have otherwise avoided (He’s right on all of this. You know that.). Now some of you may be wondering why I've refused to discuss the male characters in the story and my answer is both for reasons of space and to make sure we avoid as many spoilers as possible. Trust me, you'll thank me when you read the book. Mrs. Chakraborty creates a richly colored setting with intense feelings that make the history and the resulting hatreds and grudges seem incredibly real. That setting is in turn populated by characters who are also very real and three dimensional, with grand virtues and fatal flaws that have consequences for their entire society. While this is the first book in a trilogy, Mrs. Chakraborty tells a complete story in this book avoiding the trap that many other authors fall into leaving the story unfinished for the next book. The City of Brass by S.A. Chakraborty gets an A from me and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.
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2020.09.09 08:02 WorkAccount0096 A micro-analysis of house prices in Newcastle - two case studies

If you've been in this sub for some time you might have heard me bitching about the house prices outside the capitals, in regional centres.
While a lot of the conversation has been about how Sydbourne house prices have been exorbitant, I'd like to report my findings from a regional perspective. My sole goal in life is to buy a house and put a corgi in it, as such I've been a little obsessive in researching Newcastle's housing market.
My main findings are the obscene house price growth in a post-industrial city that's largely been gutted of any job prospects. Here are two case studies from different houses in 2 suburbs. I'm trying to pick similar houses in different suburbs, in this case, 3br, needing work, both posted today on RE dot com. One in a fairly stagnant suburb, one of rapid gentrification.

Case study 1, 1 Bellevue Road, Belmont

Background: Belmont is a sleepy suburb bordered by Lake Macquarie and the Pacific. It has poor transport links (one bus in and out every hour, no rail), and exists on the southern extremity of Newcastle & Lake Macquarie LGA proper (Lake Mac LGA extends around the whole lake, but this is the last suburb of any significant size). It's a short drive to Charlestown Square, a major shopping centre, but about 30-40 minutes to Newcastle CBD (which is a very long time in regional terms). The suburb is largely families and retirement communities. Belmont has been entirely ignored in terms of infrastructure and development - no major projects have taken place since WWII and the largest influx of housing stock was the 50's & 60's.
Property: The property is a 3 bed, 2 bath brick building, on a generous block of land, overlooking the lake. Judging by the original tilework and architecture, probably built anywhere from ~1915-1940. As you can see in the photos, it needs a good deal of work. New carpet, kitchen, tilework, paint, discounting anything we'd need a property report on to know for sure (wiring, termites, foundations, rising damp etc).
Suburb trend RE dot com has median house prices in Belmont going from ~400k in 2011 to ~600k in 2019. (If anyone has any historical median price data by suburb please pipe up.) An appreciation of ~50% 8 years.
Price analysis: The house was sold for 124k in 1993. Adjusting for inflation, that is 234k in 2019 dollars. Current asking price is 540k-590k. Before anyone pipes up, I'm aware that asking price and sold price are two different things, but we'll take it at face value, but with a pinch of salt.
The average wage for a bloke in May 1993 was $32,864. Adjusting for inflation, that's $62,100.
Old mate likely bought this house at 3.7x his yearly gross income in 1993.
In May 2020, the average yearly wage in Australia is $89,128. If you wanted to buy this house at $565k, assuming you had the average wage, you'd need to spend 6.3x your gross yearly income.
Important note, I would like to use medians for all these numbers as it reflects the situation for most Australians, but as far as I can tell, the ABS only recorded historical averages and not medians. If anyone can find medians for historical wage data please let me know and I will update this post accordingly. As it stands, I have to use averages to compare apples to apples, though I strongly suspect that the averages aren't representative of regional economies given their limited employment opportunities. Please keep this in mind.
If we use median wage (2017 numbers) and not average for present day only for this house, that is ~8.6x gross annual earnings.
Summary In a suburb that has had no infrastructure investments since before your Boomer parents were even born - in a isolated suburb - with the complete collapse of the BHP Steelworks that sustained the city's whole economy and nothing to replace it since, the price-to-income ratio has almost doubled.

Case study 2, 10 Myola St, Mayfield

Background Mayfield was once a garden suburb just before the 20thC, Arnott of the biscuit factory built his huge mansion in Mayfield, away from the smoke and noise of 19thC Newcastle. It was popular for wealthy men to build an estate in - prior to the BHP Steelworks setting up shop in 1911 on the bank of the Hunter River just a stone's throw from the centre of the suburb. It became a working class suburb, famously dirty and noisy. Since the closure of the BHP and general economic collapse of Newcastle in 1991, Mayfield had been struggling along, before rapid gentrification that started in the early 2010's It has decent transport links, and only 15 minutes from the CBD. The population of the suburb is a mix of immigrant communities (both old and new - Italian and Vietnamese communities have a strong background there, and more recently it's been Turkish, Lebanese and Arab communities putting down roots), older Anglo-Australians and some young families.
Property The house is a classic brick, 3br, 1 bath steelworker's cottage, also built in the early half in the 20thC on a generous block of land. Like the Belmont example, it needs work in paint, flooring, bathroom and whatever else we can't know without a property report. Similar buildings, similar age, similar work needed.
Suburb trend RE dot com has it at 333k in 2011, and 560k in 2019, a ~70% appreciation in 8 years.
Price analysis: The house sold in 109k (193,055 in 2019 dollars) in 1995, and is currently on offer for 530-550k.
Average gross salary for a bloke in May 1995 was $35,724, buying this house would be ~3x his gross income.
If you were to buy it today for 540,000 on average income, it would cost you ~6x your gross income. If we take our median income instead (with a grain of salt mentioned above), it would be ~8.3x your gross income.
Summary: In a gentrifying suburb, prices have doubled or tripled from their base point. Keep in mind both of these need a substantial amount of work, so both of these figures are quite conservative in terms of what it'd really cost you.


Capital city prices have been obscene. But "move to the regions" on a regional salary isn't a silver bullet. There has been an insane appreciation in price just in the suburb trends for an 8 year span, let alone from the 90's when these properties were listed. I've had to reply to a good deal of people in this sub admonishing me for wanting to "live in a Toorak mansion for 100k", when I all I want is a shitbox in a shitbox town for something that's not 8x my (almost bang on median) salary. So here I am showing my working that even in the regions, things are pretty shit too. I don't know how you lads in the capitals do it.
Please submit corrections - I'm not great with numbers, but I feel like the general sketch is correct and what we've been hearing. The income to house price ratio is horrifically skewed. I'll probably be away from this post for a few hours, but I'll come back and make the needed edits.
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2020.09.09 04:01 autotldr Several Turkish mercenaries killed and injured in Syrian conflict.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 7%. (I'm a bot)
Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, SANA- A number of QASD militia and the Turkish occupation-backed mercenaries were killed and injured in attacks launched by unknown persons on their dens and checkpoints in Raqqa and the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.
Civil sources told SANA that unknown persons who were riding a motorcycle, launched an attack with weapons and machine guns on the dens of the Turkish occupation- backed mercenaries in the vicinity of al-Zibakiya village in the northern side of Raqqa countryside, killing one of the terrorists.
In the context, the sources pointed out to the killing of one of the militants of QASD militia, supported by the US occupation forces, by unknown persons near the farms' roundabout in Raqqa city.
In the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, local sources indicated that unknown persons attacked a barrier for of QSD militia on the road between Darnaj and al-Tayyana towns, injuring one militant.
QSD kidnaps a number of young men in al-Kasrah, west of Deir Ezzor.
QSD militia carried out an incursion campaign and kidnapped a number of civilians in al-Kasrah town in the western of Deir Ezzor countryside and took them to unknown destinations.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: unknown#1 Ezzor#2 Deir#3 militia#4 persons#5
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2020.09.09 00:09 WolfKing786 Entitled Sister Rant.

(The main part of the story was written on May 15, 2020.) So I am a 16 year old male, my sister is a 22 year old female. Just so you guys understand, my sister and I are COMPLETE OPPOSITES. I think and act independently, my sister is extremely basic. I am an honour role student (in high school) while my sister failed grade 9 math and had to retake it. I manage my money to buy the things I want while my sister just spends as she pleases. I am introverted while my sister is extraverted.
I am also on mobile so sorry for any formatting mistakes.
Anyways, onto the story:
So my life hasn’t had like one or two events that ruined my life, it was more like thousands of little things that ruined my life. And I don’t consider my parents entitled since they didn’t cause anything that I mention in this post, but they had the power to stop it so make your own conclusions if you wish.
Early stages
This story starts way back when I was 3 years old. When I was 3, every time I tried to say something in an adult or teen conversation, my sister cut me off on my first word, saying (this is translated to english) “what are YOU saying” or “but you don’t even know anything.” And this really pissed me off since she only did this to be fUnNY and get more poPuLAr. Keep in mind that when she wasn’t there, the people there would actually listen to me. However, what my sister did caused my OWN parents and other family members to treat like a dumbass and they treated me like I had no brain cells. My parents treated me like this until I was 5 or 6 years old and they only somewhat stopped then ONLY because I got lost in a Turkish resort when we were on vacation. So I was following my friends dad when all of the sudden this one random person cut in front of me for half a second and then I lost him. So I started crying a little since I was scared, but I knew how to read english so I went to the elevator and went back to the hotel room. Of course I couldn’t get in because my parents thought I was ToO dUmB to have a keycard. In fact, my parents thought I couldn’t count so they didn’t even bother to check the room floor (they were trying very hard to find me) btw it was my friends mother who found me because she had faith that a 5 OR 6 YEAR OLD COULD COUNT TO FUCKING 10. And she even told this to my parents before she found me and dad said “no, he isn’t smart enough to go back to the room.” However, even after this part my parents treated me like an idiot however this time they treated me like I had 3 brain cells (which was an improvement).
When I was 7 years old, my family moved to Canada. And when we arrived, my god did my sister act like a crazy entitled person. So I am an introvert and I wanted to be left alone by my sister (still do) and since I like to follow the rule of treat people how you want to be treated, I left her alone. BUT DID SHE LEAVE ME ALONE! HELL NO! SHE NEVER MINDED HER OWN BUSINESS! I WAS A FUCKING GOSSIP MAGNET SHE USED TO GET MORE POPULAR. At first, whenever she came to my room I would tell to get out in a neutral tone, but she never did, she kept taking embarrassing pictures and videos of me to post of social media and then every time I told my parents about it, SHE LIED. She manipulated their asses off so much that they would never believe me and I WOULD GET THE BLAME EVERY TIME. When she went to high school, she became a huge hell spawn, treating me like I’m her butler (I would get in trouble if I didn’t do what she said), treating my parents like chauffeurs and being like, “eh meh gurd daaaadddd buy me iPhones and shoes and purses.” Keep in mind that I could be downstairs watching tv and she could be a meter away from her door and she would yell at me to come close her door. This was one of her thousands of commands. I could never go to my parents because when I talked in a neutral tone, I dIDn’t KnOw wHat i wAs tAkLinG aBouT. When I talked in a sad tone, I was told to be a man and stop crying. When I talked in an angry tone, I was told to calm down and I was grounded.
Anger Management
When I turned 9 years old, I started getting MAD, it really didn’t help since I was getting severely bullied at school (from ages 7-13) and then I came home to the devil I had as a sister. Every time my sister or anyone bothered me and I told the teacher, they would lie their asses off and I would get in trouble. And my parents never believed me either. I had no one to talk to since the two friends I had in school at the time didn’t care, and my other friends I couldn’t contact. I. Was. Alone. It was here when I started to bottle up my emotions because my dad also says that men shouldn’t show emotions. This caused me to have a crazy short fuse towards my family and school mates since I make a lot of my decisions based on what happened in the past. But my family keeps saying “pAsT iS PAsT” and every time that I even started talking fast (not yelling) I would get in trouble for being disrespectful for showing anger. Many times after many fights I went to my room sobbing because my parents stopped listening to me completely. Every time me and my sister fought, she lied and lied and lied and lied and lied while my parents didn’t allow me to say a single word while they believed EVERYTHING that came out of her mouth. Then I was in the even more wrong since I’m crying about it. The same things kept happening for the next few years. However, the one thing I did know is that I would have time to heal if my sister and all those other bullies just left me alone.
Undiagnosed Depression and Social Anxiety
So when I was 12, I had a teacher that marked extremely unfairly, one example is a math test which I got 34/36 score on which translated to percentage it would be a 94%. But my teacher being the ass she is took off even more marks for the 2 things I got wrong and gave me a 67%. This caused my parents to be extremely disappointed in me even more than they already were. Just so y’all know, whenever my sister gets upset or angry, my parents comfort her, telling her what she can do to cheer up, and in general supporting her. BUT WHEN I GOT UPSET, I WAS OvERreaCTinG. There was this one time my parents picked me up from school and I came to the car crying my eyes out because of everything since I was hitting my breaking point but my mom said, “stop crying, men are not supposed to cry, come back tomorrow from school with a 95%, or your PS4 is gonna be taken away.” I was crushed. My parents don’t care about how I feel, what I am or was going through, they said they cared but they sure weren’t treating me like it. I felt like I didn’t matter and I was useless. I wanted to give up, there was nothing I could do, I was completely powerless. I tried committing suicide twice, once when I was 10 and another when I was 12. I held myself at knifepoint to the neck but I couldn’t follow through. For whatever reason I just kept telling myself that nothing is lost until your heart stops beating. In mid-2017, my sister’s lungs collapsed (she is alive now) and I had many opportunities to visit her, but I didn’t, I only visited her 3 or 4 times and that was only because my parents forced me too. I barely felt anything for her. To put my hate towards her into perspective, if a doctor told me that I had to donate a kidney to save my sisters life, I would not do it.
I just realized that I am barely explaining what my sister actually did to me. Well, before i went to high school, she kept trying to get me in trouble so many times and she succeeded 99% of the time. She kept embarrassing me about everything, what songs I liked, what clothes I wore, how I acted and almost everything else. She embarrassed me so much about everything that I had no idea what to do and how to act in front of others for a long time. Every encounter I used to have was always awkward and timid as I had no clue how to act since everything I tried I got judged on. She kept asking me in an interrogating way “Why did you do that?” Or something similar to the point where I had no idea what to do. Do you have any idea how hard it is for someone to make you seem worthless in front of everyone and then lying about any blame they had with a big smile. Sometimes she tried to get me mad so that I would just get in trouble. Not to mention she is one hell of a hypocrite, just one out of many examples would be when she took thousands of pictures and videos of me and posting it, denying everything to our parents yet when I took LITERALLY FUCKING ONE EMBARRASSING PHOTO OF HER she went all godzilla mode on me (btw I didn’t post it anywhere) and I got in so much trouble. And every time I got in trouble (which was always because of her btw) she acted like such a traumatized victim in front of our parents but I couldn’t even say a word and she just giggled with a smug look on her face.
When I was in grade 8, I applied to go to a different high school a little further away than the one I was supposed to go to so I could get away from the bullies. However, remember when I said my sister failed grade 9 math, well my parents were only a little disappointed in her. But in grade 8 I was supposed to get honour role since you needed at least an 80% average (they rounded up too) so I got a 79.5% average and they were supposed to round up but they refused to give me honour role, saying that I didn’t deserve it and other bullshit. My parents were a little disappointed at me since I was not smart enough to get honour role. And I believed this. I thought I was a dumbass and I thought I was worthless. Grade 8 was really my breaking point and the only thing that kept me alive was knowing it was the last year I had to spend in that school. Whenever my sister made me mad I couldn’t even control myself and just started screeching and banging my head into the walls to the point where I felt like my throat was about to bleed. If I went through even one more year of this then I would have killed myself.
Maybe There Is Hope After All
When I went to high school, I was confused, people were actually... nice to me. No one bullied me and I managed to make many supportive friends. I was able to open up so much more than before and then I realized I was actually smart as I was getting high 80s and 90s in all my courses (except english). After 6 or 7 months, I overcame my depression. My social anxiety was almost healed at this point. But my sister sometimes left me alone and started to mind her own business. Sometimes. However there were still many times she didn’t and it was pissing me off so much (btw I haven’t overcame my anger issues at this point yet.) Even then I still always got the blame since my parents still didn’t care for what I have to say.
Everything Is Going My Way?
So the summer of 2019 was quite epic and the most unexpected thing happened in my entire life. So it was in August, of course me and my sister fought a lot that summer, but it all almost ended. Almost. So there was this one time where my mom asked us to help clean the house, and I am like “ok I can vacuum.” But my sister bitterly said “just do a good job this time” then my mom yelled at both of us that she doesn’t need help from two people who keep fighting. Then my sister said “how about we promise to leave each other alone for the day” she extended her hand for a handshake and said, “I promise to leave you alone for today” then I shook back and said “I always and already left you alone.” This was where everything almost changed. My mom loudly said the one fucking thing that I have been telling EVERYONE for 6 freaking years. She said to my sister, “He is right, you are the one who minds his business and you are the one who always starts the fights.” Then I went to my room for a while and when I realized what just happened I started jumping for joy. One month later, I fully overcame my social anxiety, 3 months after that I finally convince my dad that I am not a dumbass (yes he treated me like an idiot for 15 and a half years) a month after that, my anger issues are basically non existent. All because I had time to heal when they all stopped.
Remember When I Said Almost Ended?
So April was the first time in 8 months that my sis and I fought. So my dad bought a house to renovate back in June 2018. And I have been helping there a lot. And I mean a lot. However when online school started on April 6th, I was busy with school again and couldn’t come. But my sister went instead. She has been going for a few weeks and she says that I am so selfish since I never show up, even though I have worked there for well over 1,200 hours. She says that I don’t do anything around the house and that I never help. She says that I had life easy since I didn’t have to do as much work around the house as she did. (She thinks I do nothing but I am the one who mows the lawn and sometimes shovels the snow. And based on how I was treated as a child made my brain work in a way that I won’t offer to help if you are not struggling because I would think you’re doing fine and don’t need help. I myself rarely ever ask for help.) My sister asked my parents about this and my parents said that since she was the first child, they didn’t know what to do. The second they said this I knew it was bullshit. My parents lie a lot to their children, they once told my sis that I tried to come as often as I could to the hospital which wasn’t true. But this one was even more bullshit because the answer to this question would make it seem that they favour me towards her. But The reason I do less around the house than her when she was my age is because I WASN’T A FUCKING PAIN IN THE ASS STEREOTYPICAL TEENAGER WHO WAS ENTITLED. Every time my sister had to go somewhere my sister would give my parents a heads up, she legit told them less than an hour before the event was happening and forced them to drive her. There was this one time where her ex bf told her to meet at the movie theatre and when she told my parents about it, they couldn’t take her and she called them selfish (like wtf? How are they selfish?). Then when she was in grade 12, idk if she had sex or just make out or something but she had a video of her showing her ass, idk if she was naked, I didn’t watch the vid but my parents were furious AF and she was about to get kicked out of the house. She also had many friends who were a bad influence on her. I also know she drank alcohol a little in high school, idk about drugs. Btw I don’t do any of the things she did in high school and I have many supportive friends who are not a bad influence. She is jealous that they were much harder on her than on me during teenage years, but the truth is, this isn’t favouritism, this is personality development as they became easier on both of us at the same time. This is because they finally knew the true value of happiness. When I went to high school, they realized how much happier I became, how much smarter I became, I was starting to become more socially acceptable and I was eating more. Keep in mind that this reason wouldn’t have existed if I was a pain in the ass teenager.
Anyways, recently my mom told me that I should clean the dishes at dinner time and I said ok. And my sister kept making me put in her plate in the dishwasher and she yells at me when I don’t. I always put in my own plate in the dishwasher regardless of lunch or dinner yet I clean the entire table at dinner. One time, she told me that I was so selfish that I wouldn’t put her plate in the dishwasher for lunch time because I wasn’t supposed to do it for lunch time. I want her to know that she does not have power over me, not anymore, I won’t allow her to hurt me anymore.
I Really Hope This is the End Now
Early July, my sister and I had another fight. We both yelled at each other, but this time, an actual conclusion came out of it. Other times we fought, it never ended. Mainly because I don’t accept bullshit and she always thinks she is right no matter what when she is arguing with me. She could literally say something factually wrong and I could show her every goddamn article, academic journal, paper, and study proving my point but she would still say I’m wrong because it’s coming from me. Anyways, back to the conclusion. My sister claims she cares about me and if she does then it would only be because of social pressure, but I don’t care about her. But finally, my mother hopefully ended all of this by making it clear for her to leave me alone in every situation and realize that she does not have power over me. I am ridiculously close to cutting her out of my life because the only ways I can move on are if she gets out of my life or she changes. She claims that I am an asshole to her but she doesn’t realize my “assholeness” is in retaliation to her bullshit, she doesn’t realize that she can easily prevent my “assholeness” by not starting anything. When someone is an asshole to me, I leave them alone, but if they mind my business, I will be an asshole back, that is how my brain works. If she happens to remain in my life after all of this then it would be because of social pressure or at that point we would become neutral. We can never become friends because we are way too opposite and I do not trust her since she lied and still lies too much.
So it Didn’t End
Today, September 4th, 2020, my sister made fun of the way I talk again for the hundredth time even after I got very mad at her. She doesn’t like me hating her judging because she thinks I let my dad judge me. However, my dad and I have a series of jokes we tell each other and don’t include anyone else. When my sister judges me, she is looking for laughs and attention. However my sister cannot tell the difference between these jokes and her judgements. And whenever I try to explain to her she thinks I am wrong no matter what. The actual fight today was very short as my mother stopped it, she asked why I am mad and I told her why with a faster, slightly harsh and a little louder than normal tone. Then she calls me out for “double standards” (which I have already explained above) with a fully ballistic tone as she yells her ass off. Luckily, the 8 month break I had in 2019 from her bullshit basically calmed me down so my first instinct isn’t to yell anymore. Then when she asked me why I do “double standards” I told her that it doesn’t matter what I say since she will think I am wrong no matter what. Then my mom told me to calm down and I just gesture to my sister and I left to go upstairs. My sister screeched my name while my mom yells at her to calm down. Then my mom tells her to sit down and for me to go upstairs. The next day she came to my room and annoyed me by rapidly asking me if I am mad at her and I stayed silent. That same night she came into the washroom and when I finished brushing my teeth and stuff she stood in front of the door rapidly asking me if I am mad at her. I could have easily used physical force to take her away from the door but I didn’t want to. I was extremely tired so I just said yes the final time she asked. Now she is doing the most predictable thing, she is trying to act a lot nicer so I forgive her (which is never going to happen). I remember when she was in high school, whenever she got in trouble, she kept trying to do things like clean the house/dishes/clothes, etc. Until my parents forgave her. When they finally forgave her, she got in trouble again and just repeated. I am not gonna be the type of person to repeat history.
I will update as time goes on. Thank you for reading my first wall of text. I just really needed to get this off my chest.
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2020.09.08 23:18 clemaneuverers The book, "The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion", first published circa 120 years ago, is said to be a "fabricated antisemitic text", a "hoax", a "forgery". Recent research I have done leads me to believe that this is not the case and it is actually a genuine document. Long post!

Russian edition 1912
American english edition, 1, 2
It was declared a forgery which means there was an original document somewhere.
–Eustace Mullins
First, a link to the wikipedia page for the protocols so those interested can see how much of what you're about to read is omitted from there:
The book in which they [the Protocols] are embodied was first published in the year 1897 by Philip Stepanov for private circulation among his intimate friends. The first time Professor Sergius A. Nilus published them was in 1901 in a book called The Great Within the Small and reprinted in 1905. A copy of this is in the British Museum bearing the date of its reception, August 10, 1906.
All copies that were known to exist in Russia were destroyed in the Kerensky regime, and under his successors the possession of a copy by anyone in Soviet land was a crime sufficient to ensure the owner's of being shot on sight. (source):
The best evidence of the genuineness of the Protocols is that in March, 1917 the Bolshevik Revolution took place in Russia and one of the first things done upon the Jewish Bolsheviks taking power was to destroy all copies of Professor Sergius A. Nilus’ book, The Great Within the Small, by. That book, which was first published in Tsarskoe-Tselc (Russia) in 1901, contained The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. All copies of the Protocols that were known to exist in Russia were destroyed during the Kerensky regime. The law followed by Kerensky’s communist successors to power was that the possession of a copy of the Protocols by anyone in the Soviet Union was a crime punishable by being shot on sight
...Professor Nilus was arrested by the Cheka (Russian Secret Police) in Kiev. He was imprisoned and tortured. The Jewish president of the court, told Professor Nilus that the brutal treatment he received was as retribution for "having done them incalculable harm in publishing the Protocols."
[2011] Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great by Edward Hendrie
The attack on the Protocols in the 1920’s proved above all else the truth of their contention; it showed that the standing organization for suppressing public discussion of the conspiracy had been perfected in the intervening 120 years . Probably so much money and energy were never before in history expended on the effort to suppress a single document.
[1956] The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reeds
In 1865 the Jewish Rabbi RZEICHORN, made a speech in Prague. The speech was published 11 years later by Sir John Radcliff, who was assassinated shortly after its publication and it became almost extinct for years. Here are a few passages;
"With Gold one can buy the most upright consiences, with Gold one can fix the value of every stock, the price of every merchandise, one can loan it to states that afterwards one holds at ones mercy.
"Already the principle banks, the stock exchanges throughout the world, the loans to all governments are in our hands. "The other great power is the press. By ceaselessly repeating certain ideas, the press in the end makes them considered as truths. The Theatre renders similair services, every where theatre and press follow our directives. By an indefatigable campaign in favour of the democratic form of government, we will divide the Gentiles amongst themselves in political parties, we shall thus destroy the unity of their nations, we will sow the seeds of discord. Powerless they will have to accept the laws of our bank, always united, always devoted to our cause.
"The possession of land has always procured influence and power. In the name of social justice and equality, we will divide the great properties; we will give small fragments to the peasents who desire it with all their heart, But who will soon be indebted to us by the very exploitation of these properties. Our capital will enable us to be the real masters.
"Let us use all force to replace the circulation of gold by that of paper; our banks will absorb the gold, and we shall decide what then what value the paper money will have, this will make us masters of every mans existence. "We will promise to the workers salaries they have never dared to dream of, but we will also heighten the price of all necessities, so much so that our profits will be even greater.
"By our jokes and attacks we will render their priests ridiculous and eventually odius, their religion as ridiculous, as odius as their priests. We shall become the masters of their souls. But above all, let us get control of education, of the schools. By them we will spread the ideas that are useful to us, and we will mold the childrens brains as we wish".
David Icke writes, in his book "The Trigger" (2019), of the above quotes from Rabbi Rzeichhorn:
Make of that what you will because I can't prove authenticity, but
(a) you have the right to be aware of this information and
(b) there can be no doubt as we observe the world that the plans laid out in the Protocols, by the Sabbatian-Frankist Illuminati and attributed to Rabbi Reichhorn have happened or are happening.
This is so patently obvious that agents of Sabbatian-Frankism, some knowingly, some dupes, have employed the usual fall-back, fit-every-situation technique of condemning as 'antiSemitic' anyone who points this out and asks any questions about the plan described in the Protocols. I am not saying this is all a 'Jewish plot' - I am saying it's a plot by the Sabbatian-Frankist Death Cult that hates and despises Jews and Judaism as it hates and despises everyone else, and that this cult is part of the wider global satanic cult that infests every culture, race and country. On Sabbatian-Frankism I am at one with rabbis such as Marvin S. Antelman and many others.
The Protocols, whatever their origin, have been dismissed as a forgery since the articles by Irish writer Philip Graves in the London Times in 1921 which were also carried by The New York Times. Graves claimed the Protocols resembled a satire on Napoleon III by French lawyer Maurice Joly called Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu ('Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu') published in 1864. This is where the story usually ends. The Protocols were proved to be a forgery in The Times in 1921 - move along now, nothing to see here.
There is, however, other background to consider. Phillip Graves was a captain in British Army Intelligence who worked with 'Lawrence of Arabia', another British agent, who manipulated Palestinian Arabs to drive out the Ottoman Empire and open the way for the new Israel to hijack their land. Graves' uncle was Sir Robert Windham Graves, a British Consul in Turkey and financial advisor to the Turkish government who worked for Civil Intelligence in Cairo, Egypt.
The writer of the articles in The Times was connected to British Army Intelligence and there's more. Peter Grose, a writer with the Council on Foreign Relations, revealed in his 1994 book, Gentleman Spy: The Life of Allen Dulles, that Philip Graves' 'source' for the articles was a 'Russian emigre' provided to him by ... Allen Dulles. What a coincidence. Dulles, a Council on Foreign Relations stalwart, later CIA chief and instigator of the satanic MKUltra mind control horror, 'discovered' his man while stationed at the US Embassy in post-Ottoman Turkey.
The end of the Ottoman Muslim empire (brought about by World War I) was crucial to the establishment of Israel because it included Palestine. Peter Grose said The Times extended a 'loan' to the 'emigre' on the understanding that it did not have to be paid back. An Internet commentator said of the Allen Dulles 'scoop':
This was quite an accomplishment for a young American embassy employee, to both prove the major anti-Jewish plan for world domination was a forgery as well as unilaterally keeping Lenin out of the United States so he could be transported to Russia to begin the communist revolution. Strange coincidences like this seemed to follow both Dulles brothers during their long careers in 'public service' - or should we say 'serving the Anglo-American interests headquartered in the City of London'.
Dulles and dodgy are interchangeable words and Rabbi Antelman said that the Council on Foreign Relations is America's most powerful pro-Israel lobby group and controlled by Sabbatian-Frankists.
The Times articles that trashed the Protocols were written by a British Army Intelligence operative using an unnamed source provided by the infamous liar and manipulator Allen Dulles and the source secured a loan from the newspaper he would not have to repay. Oh, nothing to question here, then. Now shut up you 'anti-Semite'!
Colin Holmes, a lecturer in economic history at the UK's Sheffield University, claimed to have identified the Dulles emigre as Michael Raslovleff, a 'self-identified anti-Semite', who gave the information to Graves because he didn't want to 'give a weapon of any kind to the Jews, whose friend I have never been'. Surely having a document circulating that was alleged to be proof of a 'Jewish plot' is what an 'anti-Semite' would want rather than seeking to trash its legitimacy? Anyway, that's some background and people will have to decide what they think.
–David Icke, "The Trigger", 2019
After reading the above from Icke I had renewed interest in the Protocols and started to do a little research.
Wikipedia is "certain" that the Protocols are a "forgery"; here is what they have to say:
Source material for the forgery consisted jointly of "Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu" (Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu), an 1864 political satire by Maurice Joly; and a chapter from Biarritz, an 1868 novel by the antisemitic German novelist Hermann Goedsche, which had been translated into Russian in 1872.
Interestingly, however, when one looks up Herman Goedsche and his book Biarritz (again, on wikipedia), one reads:
In his 1868 book Biarritz, Goedsche plagiarized a book by the French satirist Maurice Joly, The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu
Also "Dialogue aux enfers..." itself appears to be somewhat plagiarized:
Umberto Eco considered that Dialogue in Hell was itself plagiarised in part from a novel by Eugène Sue, Les Mystères du Peuple.
Interesting, what is going on here? But let's continue. Wikipedia says:
Identifiable phrases from Joly constitute 4% of the first half of the first edition, and 12% of the second half
[Australian researcher Peter Myer comments on the above:]
[“Cohn's (whose research the wikipedia entry makes use of) arithmetic is incorrect. The word-count of the parallel passages from the Protocols as listed by Bernstein, is 4,361, while the word-count of the Protocols is 26, 496. That is, the parallel passages comprise 16.45% of the Protocols; this is substantial, but still less than one sixth of the total.”]
So... where does the rest of the book come from?
Back to Wikipedia:
A major source for the Protocols was Der Judenstaat (1896) by Theodor Herzl, which was referred to as Zionist Protocols in its initial French and Russian editions. Paradoxically, early Russian editions of the Protocols assert that they did not come from a Zionist organization.
Stepanov is said to have published the Protocols first around the same time as Herzl's book was published. That's awfully tight timing.
The wikipedia page makes no mention of the original Philip Stepanov publication, or Stepanov himself (big omission), but the source authors the page quotes from do. Interesting that.
Time to look into this Stepanov character.
No Wikipedia page that I can find.
The first thing I found was this:
He said that the "Protocols" was not Jewish-Masonic but a Zionist document secretly read at the Zionist Congress in Basle in 1897. (This especially is a foolish notion since an affidavit written by Philip Stepanov, the first publisher, proves that the "Protocols" was first brought to Russia two years before that Congress took place.) source
Two years before!? How can a book that heavily relies on plagiarizing from a book published in 1897, be published two years before in 1895?
I went hunting for this affidavit, and found quotes from it in another document.
A bombshell document...
...that I shall now quote from extensively (source at the end):
According to Philip Stepanov, formerly Procurator of the Moscow Synod, Chamberlain, and Privy Councillor, a copy of The Protocols was given to him in 1895 by his neighbour Maj. Alexis Sukhotin, Marshall of the town of Orel, who had been given his copy by Mlle Justine Glinka. (Sworn statement of Philip Stepanov, dated 17 April 1927).
Glinka, the daughter of a Russian general, had been in France since 1884, working for Gen. Orgevskii, secretary to the Minister of the Interior. Joseph Schorst, a Jewish member of the Mizraim Masonic Lodge in Paris, was in her employ, and offered to obtain a document which became known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Schorst later fled to Egypt where he was murdered. Returning to Russia, she gave a copy of the Protocols to Alexis Sukhotin, who showed it to Stepanov and Professor Sergius A. Nilus.
In wishing to refute the later allegation that The Protocols were formulated at the 1897 First Zionist Congress in Basle, Herman Bernstein, an early debunker of The Protocols, cites Stepanov’s sworn statement, the handwritten original being reproduced in Mrs Leslie Fry’s book Waters Flowing Eastward. Bernstein states:
"…This account of the history of the Protocols in Russia is accompanied by a facsimile affidavit made in 1927 by Philip Stepanov, one of the two friends to whom Sukhotin first showed the Protocols in Russia. Stepanov's telltale affidavit, translated from the Russian, reads as follows:
"In 1895 my neighboring estate owner in the province of Tula, retired Major Alexey Nikolayevitch Sukhotin, gave me a handwritten copy of the 'Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion.' He told me that a lady of his acquaintance (he did not mention her name), residing in Paris, had found them at the home of a friend of hers (probably of Jewish origin), and before leaving Paris, had translated them secretly, without his knowledge, and had brought one copy of that translation to Russia, and had given that copy to him, Sukhotin.
"At first I mimeographed one hundred copies of the Protocols, but that edition was difficult to read, and I resolved to have it printed somewhere, without mentioning the time, the city and the printer; I was helped in this by Arcady Ippolitovitch Kelepkovsky, who at that time was Privy Councillor with Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovitch; he had these documents printed at the Provincial Printing Press; that was in 1897. S. A. Nilus reprinted these Protocols in full in his book, with his own commentaries.
"Philip Petrovitch Stepanov, former Procurator of the Moscow Synod Office; Chamberlain, Privy Councillor, and at the time of the publication of that edition, Chief of the district railway service of the Moscow-Kursk railway (in Orel).
"This is the signature of a member of the colony of Russian refugees at Stary and Novy Futog. "Witnessed by me, Stary Futog, April 17, 1927. "Chairman of the Administration of the Colony, "Prince Vladimir Galitzin." (Seal)
–(Herman Bernstein, The Truth About "The Protocols Of Zion": A Complete Exposure, 1971, pp. 37-40. Bernstein quotes from L. Fry's book Waters Flowing Eastward).
...there are internal indications that The Protocols date well prior to 1900-01. For e.g. a reference to "the Panama scandal" of 1888 which caused a furore in France during the 1890s. Also had The Protocols been contrived by Golovinsky ca. 1900 (see source below for more info) or at least sometime after 1896, it seems reasonable that anti-Semites would draw widely on references to Zionism, the First Zionist Congress taking place in 1897. However, there are no references to Zionism at all in The Protocols. The initial opinion of Nilus et al that The Protocols were not derived from the Zionist movement, but from a Jewish faction of Masonry, were correct.
It is particularly interesting that Cohn [historian Norman Cohn, quoted extensively in the wikipdeia entry] bases his refutation of The Protocols on the assertion that they are plagiarised from Maurice Joly’s Dialogues in Hell, and refutes the notion that The Protocols could emanate from the Alliance Israelite Universelle, yet fails to make any mention of the close association that existed between the Alliance’s Adolphe Cremieux and Joly. After all, most of the publicists for The Protocols seem to have considered the association, but Cohn, eager to nick-pick on various details, neglects refuting these most damning connections. Both Cohn and Bernstein were fully aware of Joly’s associations with Cremieux and with Masonry as stated in Mrs Fry’s book Waters Flowing Eastward (both mention the book) yet they say nothing of these associations. We must therefore assume that Mrs Fry’s assertions regarding Joly, Masonry and Cremieux are correct.
Whilst we shall shortly deal with the alleged parallels between passages of The Protocols and Joly’s work, we shall first deal with background of Joly that Cohn, Bernstein et al conspicuously avoid. Joly (1831-1878) had a family background in Masonry from his maternal grandfather. Studying law, he secured a post in he Ministry of the Interior. In 1860 he founded a newspaper, Le Palais, for lawyers and attorneys. The principal stockholders were: Jules Favre (Mason who served in the Gambetta Government, the so-called Government of National Defence, which arose after the fall of Napoleon III in 1870), Desmaret (Mason), Leblond (Mason), Adolphe Cremieux, Mason and head of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, a member of the Gambetta Government, of whom more later), Emmanuel Arago, Mason, serving with Gambetta), and Antoine Berryer (apparently the only non-Mason around Joly).
Joly’s politics were self-described as "socialist", with the need to accept "extreme means". With Cremieux he shared a hatred of Napoleon III. However what The Times, as well as subsequent critics of The Protocols do not mention is that Joly’s polemic against Napoleon III was itself predated by a similar work entitled Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Rousseau, which was written by Jacob Venedey and published in Berlin in 1850. Therefore, Joly was continuing a certain polemical line of thought rather than inventing it. If there are similarities between Joly and The Protocols, then there are also similarities with Venedey. All three for instance refer to the Hindu God Vishnu in parallel passages.
According to the expert testimony of Col. Fleischhauer at the 1935 Berne Trial, Joly was himself Jewish, his name having been originally Joseph Levy, Joly being concocted out of four letters of his true name. This testimony was said to have caused a sensation in the courtroom. When the plaintiffs produced a "baptismal certificate" to prove that Joly was not Jewish, it was dated December 1829, i.e. several years prior to Joly’s real date of birth according to his own account.
Since Venedey, a communist, takes a position antithetical to Joly, his champion being Machiavelli, we can see here a dialectical process in operation, that was brought to revolutionary perfection by Marx and the communists, and has arguably been used by the ‘Elders of Zion’. The dialectical strategy consists of promoting tension in society to achieve change. This includes the promotion of ideas and movements seemingly antithetical to ones own aims in the short term to advance long-range aims. Hence, the seemingly contradictory and self-destructive phenomenon of international bankers financing supposedly anti-capitalist revolutions to bring down traditional societies, as we shall see in due course. That the dialectical process is operative here can be inferred from the fact that Cremieux was the mentor of both Venedey and Joly. Hence the seemingly contradictory, antithetical positions of Venedey and Joly represent two sides of the programme of the ‘Learned Elder’.
Venedey (1805-1871) was a Jew who sought refuge in France, due to his revolutionary activities in Germany. He was removed from Paris by the police, but was able to return due to the intercession of Arago (whom we have seen was to become a stockholder in Joly’s newspaper) and Francois Mignet, both friends of Cremieux. Venedey was closely associated with Karl Marx and helped establish the Communist International, and was also active in the Masonic order Bauhutte.
Masonry, Illuminati & The Rite of Mizraim
Mrs Fry and other authorities on The Protocols have claimed that the documents were taken from a Lodge of the Masonic Rite of Mizraim, by one of its Jewish members, Joseph Schorst. Whilst this suggestion is of course rubbished out of hand by Cohn et al, once again the Protocols deniers remain strangely mute as to the role of both Cremieux and Joly in Mizraim.
Cremieux was a prominent member of Mizraim as well as Scottish Rite Masonry and the Grand Orient. Cremieux was a member of the Supreme Council of the Order of Mizraim. He also became Grand Master of the unified Grand Orient and Scottish Rite Masonry.
The Aegpytian Rite of Mizraim or Misraim was founded in Milan, Italy in 1805 and transferred to France in 1814. Mizraim is Hebrew for Egypt. Its origins reach back to the cabalistic magician Cagliostro, who was an initiate of the Illuminati. But the Misraim-Rite was (and still is) not accepted by Regular Freemasonry.
In 1862, another irregular rite, the Memphis Rite was introduced to the USA. On 4th June 1872, John Yarker introduced the Memphis-Rite to England. Under his jurisdiction, Memphis and Misraim came together. This unification was called The Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim, or Memphis-Misraim.
In 1902 Theodor Reuss, a German espionage agent, gained sanction from Yarker to install the Scottish Rite (33 degrees) and the "irregular" MM-Rites (90 and 97 degrees) in Germany. In 1917, Reuss introduced some of the Scottish Rite and MM degrees into the Ordo Templi Orientis, an occult society founded in 1906. This OTO was to be taken over by the infamous "Black Magician" and self-declared "Great Beast 666", Aleister Crowley. Crowley, a cabalist, was to write his own manifesto for a "New World Order", which he called The Book of the Law, expounding a Nietzschean doctrine of "Force and Fire" on the ruins of Christianity. Crowley saw his movement as being a continuation of the Illuminati and counted its founder Adam Weishaupt among a long list of "saints". A major difference of course is that Crowley did not have the resources and influence of Organised Jewry.
In 1870 the Rite of Mizraim was established in England under the authority of Cremieux. Bro. Little, one of those at the founding conference of Mizraim in London, on 28 December, stated:
"…Brother Cremieux, however, as a proof of his willingness to assist, sent to the meeting his diploma as a member of the French Grand College of Rites, and this diploma was placed upon the table during the proceedings, and was examined by several out of the hundred Masons present. It was also understood that Brother C.'s diploma invested him with the power to found rites or orders recognized by the Grand Orient of France (the Rite of Misraim being one)…"
The Freemason reported that a
"Supreme Council General of the 90°, had been regularly formed here 'under the authority conveyed in a diploma granted to the Illustrious Brother Cremieux, 33° of the Rite Ecossais, and a member of the Grand College of Rites in France.'"
Bernstein and Cohn rubbish any such notion of Masonic involvement in any conspiracy, including involvement in the French Revolution. This repudiation is necessary on their part, since Masonry plays a major factor in the conspiracy expounded in The Protocols. We shall consider the role of Masonry and the Illuminati in due course. Suffice it here to cite several eminent sources that can hardly be said to be anti-Semitic. Benjamin Disraeli, the Jewish Victorian era Prime Minister of Britain and intimate of the Rothschild banking dynasty, one of the mainstays of Jewish world influence, states in terms themselves reminiscent of The Protocols:
"When the secret societies, in February 1848, surprised Europe, they were themselves surprised by the unexpected opportunity, and so little capable were they of seizing the occasion, that had it not been for the Jews, who of late years unfortunately have been connecting themselves with these unhallowed associations, imbecile as were the governments the uncalled-for outbreak would not have ravaged Europe. But the fiery energy and the teeming resources of the children of Israel maintained for a long time the unnecessary and useless struggle. If the reader throws over the provisional governments of Germany, and Italy, and even of France, formed at that period, he will recognise everywhere the Jewish element. Even the insurrection, and defence, and administration of Venice, which, from the resource of statesmanlike moderation displayed, commanded almost the respect and sympathy of Europe, were accomplished by a Jew - Manini, who by the bye is a Jew who professes the whole of the Jewish religion, and believes in Calvary as well as Sinai, 'a converted Jew', as the Lombards styled him, quite forgetting, in the confusion of their ideas, that it is the Lombards who are the converts - not Manini."
Secondly we have a remarkable statement from Leon Trotsky, the Jewish revolutionary who became commander of the Red Army and with Lenin the most powerful man in the USSR:
"It was during that period that I became interested in freemasonry. ... In the eighteenth century freemasonry became expressive of a militant policy of enlightenment, as in the case of the Illuminati, who were the forerunners of the revolution; on its left it culminated in the Carbonari. Freemasons counted among their members both Louis XVI and the Dr. Guillotin who invented the guillotine. In southern Germany freemasonry assumed an openly revolutionary character, whereas at the court of Catherine the Great it was a masquerade reflecting the aristocratic and bureaucratic hierarchy. A freemason Novikov was exiled to Siberia by a freemason Empress. . I discontinued my work on freemasonry to take up the study of Marxian economics. ... The work on freemasonry acted as a sort of test for these hypotheses. ... I think this influenced the whole course of my intellectual development.".
Note that Trotsky not only refers to Masonry as a major factor in revolutionary ferment, but how it had also infiltrated the hierarchy of the old order it was about to overthrow, and that both the Illuminati and the Italian Carbonari were involved. Yet Bernstein and Cohn dismiss such sentiments when expressed by Robison et al as "fantasy". Bernstein also opines that the Illuminati were a "rival" of Masonry and did not survive its banning by the Elector of Bavaria. As we shall see, this opinion is naïve at best.
Thirdly, Bernard Lazare traces the Jewish influence on Masonry and the Illuminati, as follows:
"…It is true of course that there were Jews connected with Freemasonry from its birth, students of the Kabbala, as shown by certain rites which survive. It is very probable too that in the years preceding the French Revolution, they entered in greater numbers than ever, into the councils of the secret societies, becoming, indeed, themselves the founders of secret associations. There were Jews in the circle around Weishaupt, and a Jew of Portuguese origin, Martinez de Pasquales, established numerous groups of Illuminati in France and gathered a large number of disciples, who he instructed in the doctrines of reintegration. The lodges which Martinez founded were mystic in character, whereas the other orders of Freemasonry were, on the whole, rationalistic in their teachings. This might almost lead one to say that the secret societies gave expression in a way to the two fold nature of the Jew, on the one hand a rigid rationalism, on the other that pantheism which… often ended in a sort of Cabalistic theurgy. There would be little difficulty in showing how these two tendencies worked in harmony; how Cazotte, Cagliostro, Martinez [de Pasquales]… were practically in alliance with the Encyclopaedists and the Jacobins, succeeded in arriving at the same end, the undermining, namely, of Christianity."
The Protocols (if obtained in 1884) refer to the Panama Canal scandal years before the scandal had become public knowledge (in 1892). Therefore whoever wrote The Protocols must have had inside knowledge of high powered financial manipulation.
We have already noted that The Protocols did not originate with the Zionist movement. This was the original opinion of Nilus and others, although subsequently modified after Zionism became an influential movement among the Jews. In fact, the majority of the most prominent figures of World Jewry were opposed to Zionism, and some Orthodox Jews are still antagonistic on the basis that Israel was not to be recreated until after the advent of the King-Messiah.
The principal allegation levelled at the supposed forgers of The Protocols is that the purpose is to foment "anti-Semitism". However, the following is a remarkable passage from The Protocols in which it is said that "anti-Semitism" serves the purposes of the "Elders of Zion" in keeping the Jewish masses herded under their leadership.
As one might say today, this seems to be something of a "protection racket". The Jewish masses are being milked of millions of dollars every year to fill the coffers not only of Israel but of numerous "Jewish defence" organisations such as the Anti-Defamation League, which continually feed the Jews the line that a pogrom or a new "Holocaust" is just around the corner if Jews don’t keep donating. Here is what The Protocols say about "anti-Semitism". It is surely a strange passage if the authors are anti-Semites wishing to incite pogroms:
"Nowadays if any States raise a protest against us it is only pro forma at our discretion, and by our direction, for their antiSemitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us." (Prot. IX)
There is much, much more to this story; what I have quoted above are abridged excerpts.
The full document is a fascinating read and you can read it here:
The PROTOCOLS of ZION In Context By Dr. K. R. Bolton (PDF)
"But you yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people's relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, BY THE INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want, so that the goyim see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else. But if we give the nations of the world a breathing space the moment we long for is hardly likely ever to arrive."
Protocol 10
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
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2020.09.08 17:23 ketcapligunler im 15 and idk if its a phase

um so hi i wanted to write it here cause i think i feel more comfy than tw or ig nd stuff.
im 15 nd like 2 months ago i realised that i dont feel like i have a gender or i dont like to identify myself as a women or men. I dont know what to do about it idk if its a phase. About my body,i just dont think top surgery would help me or i feel like the body i should be in just doesnt exist. I dont feel comfortable when someone calls me a girl. in turkish we dont use pronouns with gender not like eng (also sorry if i made any mistake while writing) but when someone uses they/them for me i just be happy af but i dont know how to deal with those feelings i also look feminine sometimes which im happy with. can any of you who experiences similiar things help me? how can i handle these things while everyone around me is thinks im a girl , and the other day i was doing makeup nd added some mustache with eyeshadow,my mom saw me and told me that i look disgusting. i felt so bad. what can i do how can i be more comfortable with myself? how can i know if its a phase..
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2020.09.04 23:23 globalwp [CONFLICT] Avenging Al-Quds: Operation HOTAMAH

“The UAR shall not stand idly as the Zionist entity slaughters our people, destroys our sacred sites, and tramples upon our honor. The UAR has launched a strike on the Zionist menace to punish them for desacrating the sanctity of the holy city. Jerusalem is to be free and open to people of all faiths. We can no longer tolerate fascism in the region. The last vestige of colonialism in the Middle East shall soon be eradicated. Let it be known that the UAR will fight for what is right, and we will do what we must to liberate Palestine once and for all. Israel will immediately withdraw from the occupied territories, and the lands will be restored to their rightful owners. Be warned, for our use of nuclear weapons was limited, and intended to reduce the blood shed by this war. We do not aim to eradicate the Jewish people, who are innocent bystanders born into fascist rule, but we seek to eradicate the power structures which have led to the oppression and subjugation of an entire nation, culminating in a direct attack and insult on both Arabs and Muslims across the world. Should we not act quickly, St. James’s Cathedral, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre would be next. Be warned, we will no longer tolerate such behaviour, and while we do not wish to harm civilians, we warn Israel that any nuclear retaliation would be grounds for a ten-fold response. The Falcon has awakened, and now soars with the Phoenix.” - Prime Minister Al-Zaidi, hours after the initial attack
The UAR, already in a state of high alert, and already mobilized due to the previous Iranian war, can afford to quickly mobilize its troops and move forward, providing it with a decisive advantage over its Israeli counterparts. The “military exercise” was but a ruse, and the UAR now seeks to liberate Palestine and establish a one-state binational solution by force, ending the Israeli occupation of lands stolen almost 90 years ago.
The destruction of Al-Aqsa and the planned “temple” has galvanized public opinion to a point where most muslims would consider joining the fight against Israel. It will thus be easy to recruit additional auxiliary units both from Palestine and from the Islamic world as a whole. As plans enacted by Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and the UAR, come to fruition, one statement is becoming a reality, Jerusalem will be freed!

Opening Phase - Operation Hotamah

Woe to every backbiter, slanderer,
Who amasses wealth and counts it over and over.
He imagines that his wealth will make him immortal.
Nay! he shall surely be cast into the "hotamah".
And what should make thee know what the "hotamah" is?
Allah's fire as preserved fuel,
Which will leap suddenly on to the hearts.
It is locked up in outstretched pillars to be used against them. 1 - Quran 104-2
The Land-Based Missiles
With troops deployed in Jordan, and on the Zionist-UAR border, the UAR is poised to make a surprise first strike on the enemy’s most prized possession. Their nuclear weapons.
Israeli nuclear weapons are located mainly in one site, warehouses near Sdot Micha. While they may be potentially rated against conventional airstrikes, they would be unable to withstand a direct hit from a nuclear weapon, let alone a ground penetrating nuclear bunker buster. Israel’s other nuclear weapons are located on submarines that would presumably be located thanks to the UAR’s established hydrophone network in Lebanon.. Thus the main objective would be to overwhelm the enemy’s air defenses.
This will involve 5 different sources and directions forcing them to defend territory in 360 degrees in addition to a suter attack by EC-130 ELINT to paint the false picture of a clear sky prior to the attack:
Between the 75,000 rockets (including precision munitions), Hamas’s missiles, 1,500 cruise missiles, 2,000 ballistic missiles, and 200 JASSMs, it is highly unlikely that the Israelis will manage to intercept specifically the 5 INTIQAM-2TAAs that would be dropped on the area. A few cruise missiles alone are hard to intercept if taken by surprise, let alone thousands. The fireball would likely vaporize the neighbouring moshav of Sdot Micha, as well as Sdot Micha Airbase. The largest settlement that would be affected by the detonation would be Bet Shemesh which would suffer from the shockwave. The Negev Nuclear Research Centre in Dimona would similarly be targeted as well. This would effectively render Israel nuke-less and unable to retaliate.
The Sub Hunt
The UAR Hydrophone network should reveal the locations of the submarines in Israel’s control. The UAR will deploy its fleet of ASW aircraft and ships to hunt the subs that are located to prevent them from firing. This will occur simultaneously with the attack to bring the UAR’s sub hunters within range to destroy the Israeli submarines within minutes of the initial salvo firing, faster than the time it takes for the news of a nuclear strike to travel to the 5 isolated subs.
Knowing vaguely where they are, ASW helicopters can be used to pinpoint their direct locations and thus allow them to be neutralized by torpedo fired either by helicopter, submarine, or surface the Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW ship designed specifically for this purpose. The limited range of fire of the enemy’s cruise missile systems used for nuclear weapons delivery dramatically reduce the search range. The following units will be deployed for this purpose:
Sub Hunter Group 1:
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW Ship 1 Sea Fighter LCS 5 Silorsky ASW Helicopter 1 Los Angeles Class Submarine
Sub Hunter Group 2: (First searches Tiran, then moves back to the Med.)
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW Ship 1 Sea Fighter LCS 5 Silorsky ASW Helicopter
Sub Hunter Group 3:
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW Ship 1 Giuseppe Garibaldi-class ASW Carrier 15 AS332 Super Puma ASW Helicopter
Sub Hunter Group 4:
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW Ship 1 Independence Class LCS 5 Silorsky ASW Helicopter
Sub Hunter Group 5:
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW Ship 1 Independence Class LCS 5 Silorsky ASW Helicopter
An additional 25 Sayeh Naval Drone (clone of ScanEagle), with ranges of up to 100 km, will be launched to help in the detection of enemy submarines.

Hotamah Phase II

After the nuclear strike which would end Israel’s nuclear arsenal, which would last in the order of minutes, followup strikes would be ordered on their airbases as a horde of UAR Aircraft begin dropping JASSM and SEAD munitions on Israeli air defense in the area, targeting aircraft believed to be nuclear capable while still on the ground.
With UAR Air Defenses featuring quantum radar technologies obtained from China, and the UAR’s newest aircraft featuring advanced stealth suites and EW, it is hoped that the enemy’s air defenses would be promptly suppressed and enemy aircraft that do manage to take off shot down. Operating the Arrow 3 as an ABM, the David’s Sling as an air defense system, and the iron dome as an anti-rocket system, the Israelis have a decent air defense system… for the 2010s.
Extensive use will be made of EW aircraft to scramble enemy defenses during the attack, as well as simply strength in numbers as the Israelis cannot hope to intercept the large barrage of missiles fired from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, the air, and the Mediterranean sea at the same time 5 F-16CJ ELINT will be used for this purpose in addition to the 2 EC-130 ELINT aircraft mentioned earlier.
The UAR will also fire 20 conventional Mudafi’ missiles, designed to counter the Arrow III, the schematics for which were generously provided by our allies in Laurentia. Combined with further tomahawk strikes on airbases and air defenses, as well as mass JASSM strikes and artillery barrages where applicable, the airbases and the air defenses presumably deployed at the [following sites]()https://i.imgur.com/zJqN5y5.png will be destroyed, hopefully with much of the IAF as well. Emphasis will be placed on the early destruction of Nevatim Air base due to the presence of F-35s in that airbase.
The UAR has deployed a total of 180 5th generation aircraft, aircraft that are more advanced than the F-35 which defeated the F-15 with 20:1 odds. With experience in Iran, the UAR’s capable fighters will attempt to destroy much of the Israeli Air Force while they're still on the ground following the first wave of coordinated SEAD strikes on enemy air defense systems.
Israeli air bases will also be hit by a further salvo of 100 Tomahawk missiles each while the SEAD strikes are ongoing. Continued suppressive fire from Hezbollah and Hamas missiles will further augment the chances of the more sophisticated missiles hitting their mark.
Fortifications in the Golan Heights as well as Lebanon and the West Bank of the Jordan river will be struck in subsequent strikes and neutralized.
Aircraft deployed:
Once Phase 1 is complete and the Israeli air defense network is suppressed, the 580 aircraft deployed will assist with CAS operations and will bomb enemy supply lines.
The above aircraft will be supported by the Turkish deployment of F-16s that would perform similar strike operations, as well as friendly B-21 bombers from friendly Laurentian bases.
Ground Operations
Northern Deployment (250,000 men)
Amount Item Type
350 Engesa EE-50 Tanks
150 Altay Tanks
150 T-26 Tanks
250 M1A2S Tanks
100 T-90 Tanks
1100 M113 APC
300 LAV 6 APC
125 Tuwaiq-2 APC
250 Al-Shbil APC
75 Sarrir APC
200 Fahd APC APC
2050 APCs
150 S.A.U.D Vehicle Drone Vehicle
25 Type 08 IFV IFV
100 M2A2 IFV
25 AMX-10P IFV
300 IFVs
1500 Al-Masmak MRAP
500 Toofan MRAP
250 Oshkosk M-ATV MRAP
25 Digori Medevac Medevac
2275 MRAPs
245 Raad self Propelled Artillery (with basir laser guidance) SPA
150 M109 SPA
2 Chinese Artillery Battery SPA
8 Jobaria MLRS
447 Artillery/MLRS
20 Denel Rooivalk Attack Helicopter
8 Denel Rooivalk (SAUD) Attack Helicopter
40 AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter
15 Aérospatiale Gazelle utility / scout
15 Boeing CH-47F Chinook Utility
20 Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Utility
20 Bell 212 Utility
5 Aérospatiale Gazelle scout / anti-armor
347 Heydar 1 Autonomous Swarm Robot
50 Nazir UGV
150 CAIG Wing Loong UCAV
15 Ababil UCAV
2 Ramah-II Air Defense System
10 LPD-1 Laser Point Defense System
15,000 Misc Trucks Supply Trucks
The UAR currently operates several satellites such as the Yaogan series which can be used to determine the bulk of Israel’s positions and bases prior to the attack.
In the initial attack, the Jobaria MLRS systems will provide firepower to demolish much of Israel’s fortifications in the Golan heights, feigning an attack from the Syrian side. However, knowing that the Syrian side is the most fortified compared to the Lebanese side, the UAR’s main northern advance will come from Lebanon. The intention is to pin down as many Israeli troops in the Golan Heights as possible while sending troops pouring southwards towards a line established from Haifa to Tiberias. Cutting off the bulk of the Israeli troops that would eventually run out of supply, the offensive would hopefully see the Golan and much of the Galilee fall to the UAR.
In the Golan Heights, extensive use of Nazir UGVs and Heydar Autonomous Swarm Vehicles will be used to combat minefields. Controlled from a distance, and with support from drones, the vehicles would be able to clear minefields with a minimal loss of life. The Jobaria strike, each of which fires 240 missiles per salvo, will assist in the destruction of minefields and defenses in the area. One Jobaria is said to cover an area of 4 km2, 8 would cover far more. The Golan contingent will represent 2/5ths of the total force, with 3/5ths being deployed to Lebanon. The UNFIL will kindly be asked to leave/step aside.
The Arabs in this section, which make up 53% of the population, will be encouraged to rise up, and Arab localities will be given small arms via airdrop. Seeing as they are actively discriminated against, and saw their holy sites destroyed, they would be more than willing to assist the UAR in liberating their homeland. Of the 700,000 Arabs in the territory, it is expected that some 70,000 would assist. They will be used to police the area and maintain the occupations of villages and towns liberated by UAR forces. This includes the Golan heights where a large number of Israeli troops would be stationed.
UAR forces boast a multitude of drones, partially deployed by S.A.U.D drone vehicles (ie a successful version of the Dakotan slaughterbot project) which release swarms that can be used to provide full battlefield awareness to soldiers via their personal helmet augmented reality HUDs. This would drastically reduce the cost of urban warfare and when combined with the larger UCAVs and UAVs flying overhead, helps integrate air, land, and sea combined firepower.
Extensive use of the UAR’s superior artillery and aerial intelligence will be used to target armored columns and harass enemy supply lines, ensuring that the UAR is well supplied in comparison to the Israelis. Close air support from helicopters as well as support air strikes from the aircraft deployed to the skies will help speed up the advance.
Furthermore, the UAR’s experience in urban warfare, owing to its abilities in the Syrian, Lebanese, Saudi, and Iranian wars will provide its professional army with an edge over the conscription based Israeli army who’s dated combat experience is largely based on waving guns at unarmed protestors and Palestinian children.
Southern Deployment (250,000 men)
Amount Item Type
350 Engesa EE-50 Tanks
150 Altay Tanks
150 T-26 Tanks
250 M1A2S Tanks
100 T-90 Tanks
1100 M113 APC
300 LAV 6 APC
125 Tuwaiq-2 APC
250 Al-Shbil APC
75 Sarrir APC
200 Fahd APC APC
2050 APCs
150 S.A.U.D Vehicle Drone Vehicle
25 Type 08 IFV IFV
100 M2A2 IFV
25 AMX-10P IFV
300 IFVs
1500 Al-Masmak MRAP
500 Toofan MRAP
250 Oshkosk M-ATV MRAP
25 Digori Medevac Medevac
245 Raad self Propelled Artillery (with basir laser guidance) SPA
150 M109 SPA
2 Chinese Artillery Battery SPA
8 Jobaria MLRS
80 M88 Armored Recovery vehicle
20 Denel Rooivalk Attack Helicopter
8 Denel Rooivalk (SAUD) Attack Helicopter
40 AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter
15 Aérospatiale Gazelle utility / scout
5 Aérospatiale Gazelle scout / anti-armor
20 Mil Mi-17 Utility Helicopter
20 Mil Mi-24 Utility Helicopter
347 Heydar 1 Autonomous Swarm Robot
50 Nazir UGV
150 CAIG Wing Loong UCAV
15 Ababil UCAV
2 Ramah-II Air Defense System
10 LPD-1 Laser Point Defense System
15,000 Misc Trucks Supply Trucks
Operating over 50 bridges, and with air cover from Jordanian based air defense systems, the UAR will cross the Jordan River with three main thrusts, north, central, and south, which would be of equal size. This will involve the destruction of Israeli forces on the other side of the river through mass artillery. With what can only be described as the largest artillery barrage in history the entirety of the West Bank of the Jordan that is fortified by Israel will be struck by 471 Artillery units in addition to salvos fired by 50 MLRS systems with salvos of 3600 rounds per strike. This will be supplemented by air strikes from UCAVs and friendly aircraft.
In the north, defined as the West Bank to the Golan Heights, troops will attempt a push forward with similar tactics to that mentioned in the previous section towards Umm Al-Fahm to Nazareth. The pressure put on the Golan front will pin down troops that do not wish to forgo the high ground, as the unexpected large bridge crossing would occur. Once again, urban areas will be dealt with using the UAR’s drone tactics. 2/5ths of the Jordanian force will be deployed here. In the West Bank, the objective in sight is Jerusalem, as troops will attempt to seize much of the West Bank with support from artillery and air units. Liberated Palestinians who would be more than willing to fight will be provided with AKM rifles and shall act as auxiliaries. In the West Bank, with a population of approximately 4 million people (estimate based on 2%), at least 400,000 men would be willing to join. The destruction of the holy sites would see nearly every eligible man join the fight, and as such 400k is extremely conservative and a figure of closer to 2 million would be likely. The West Bank should already be in open revolt given the actions at Al-Aqsa, and as such the advance would be facilitated by Israeli troops being largely bogged down by the fighting . Friendly units in the region will work to sabotage Israeli military positions and supply lines and shall assist the advance, particularly in Jerusalem proper. 2/5ths of the Jordanian force will be deployed here.
Once the troops reach Jerusalem, special care will be taken to prevent the destruction of additional holy sites, and prevent Israel from destroying sensitive Holy sites important to Arabs such as the Church of the Holy Sepulhcre and the St. James Cathedral. Jerusalem’ population, which is 38% Arab despite Israeli ethnic cleansing, will be instrumental to assisting the UAR’s advance.
In the south, along the Negev Desert, troops will establish a land connection to Egypt by Seizing Eilat. The Negev is sparsely populated, and relatively open, allowing large armored units to be targeted from the skies and by missile. Urban combat is similarly less of a concern as the towns are notably smaller, and easier to place under martial law. UAVs and UCAVs will be used extensively to destroy armored columns, as the battle becomes one of range and maneuvering. Friendly Bedouins, Muslims who make up 25% of the Negev’s population, will be used as local auxiliary units, with some 20-30k out of the 400k strong population (estimate based on 1%) willing to assist. With 1/5th of the Jordanian force deployed here, the objective is to push forward and control Highway 40 (Line from Eilat to Beersheeba to the West Bank) by attacking from the east.
Once again, given the range of the UAR’s air defense systems in Jordan, the troops should be reasonably protected against Israeli incursions as the Quantum Radar batteries should be able to easily pick up the few F-35s that may have survived the original blast, and most certainly the F-16s that survived.

Air Defense

The UAR boasts some of the tightest air defense systems in the world, with numerous layers of Radar tested specifically against the type of aircraft Israel is expected to deploy with successful tests. The Quantum radar within the chinese designed, UAR produced HQ-90 ABM and Air Defense System provides the UAR with protection against stealth aircraft and ballistic missile threats within 600 km [Analogous to an upgraded S-500]. The Ramah-II Quantum Systems provide 100 km of coverage [Analogous to an upgraded Patriot] and protection from cruise missiles and stealth aircraft. The LPD-I laser point defense batteries provide laser point defense within 20 km against smaller munitions. Additionally, THAAD, and Patriot batteries have been deployed across the country as well as HQ-19 batteries, integrated with the quantum radar suites elsewhere.
While the UAR already has a vast array of air defense systems deployed, it shall be deploying additional systems to key sites including:
Each site will be protected with 3 HQ-90 Batteries, 2 Patriot Batteries, 2 Ramah-II Batteries, and 1 LPD-1 Batteries. 2 THAAD Batteries will be placed at Medina, Damascus, and Beirut and 1 THAAD Battery will be placed in Baghdad.
This layout ensures that cruise missiles fired from the mediteranean will have ample time to be detected and intercepted by the Ramah-II batteries designed specifically for this purpose, with multiple layers of security should a missile fail to be intercepted. With each HQ-90 battery being able to intercept and track up to 20 missiles at a time within 3 seconds of firing, each deployment should theoretically be able to protect against the entirety of the Israeli nuclear arsenal which is estimated at 80-120 nuclear weapons. With 60 HQ-90 systems deployed, as well as redundancies and overlapping coverage, the UAR should be able to intercept anything that Israel may have been able to save.
The UAR has not forgotten its allies, as it has already deployed 5 HQ-90 Quantum ABM/ADS Batteries, 10 Patriot-3 Batteries in the above cities, 30 LPD-1, and 15 Ramah-II in Amman, Irbid, Ma’an, Ajloun, and Russeifa. Jordan’s location between Israel and much of the UAR means that these systems would intercept missiles headed for the UAR as well. The Egyptian deployment similarly consists of 5 HQ-90 ABM Systems,10 Ramah-II ACM Batteries, and 10 LPD Laser Point Defense Batteries deployed to Alexandria, Asyut, Cairo, Aswan, and Port Said.
To further improve interception chances, 10 KJ-3000 AWAC, 6 Boeing E-3s, and 2 Saab 2000s will be used to provide round the clock airborne warning and control to track potential hostile airborne threats.
Lastly, the Arleigh Burkes currently deployed in the Mediterranean theatre are equipped with an AEGIS SM-2 system that would be capable of intercepting missiles fired from the Mediterranean sea within range. This provides yet another layer of protection from enemy missiles.
Note that the deployment of batteries in Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt, allow for the UAR’s air coverage to include the entirety of Israel greatly affecting the enemy’s abilities to field aircraft.

Naval Deployment

The naval deployment intends to neutralize Israel’s submarine based nuclear arsenal by deploying various “Sub-hunter Groups” that would utilize intelligence about submarine positions in the relatively shallow Mediteranean (compared to the open sea). These groups would neutalize the submarines and then work towards eliminating the Israeli surface fleet, be it in port or in the water. The bulk of the force will be in the mediteranean, with Sub Hunter Group 3 clearing the Straits of Tiran prior to moving back to the Meditereanean.
Sub Hunter Group 1:
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW Ship 1 Sea Fighter LCS 5 Silorsky ASW Helicopter 1 Los Angeles Class Submarine
Sub Hunter Group 2:
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW Ship 1 Sea Fighter LCS 5 Silorsky ASW Helicopter
Sub Hunter Group 3:
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW Ship 1 Giuseppe Garibaldi-class ASW Carrier 15 AS332 Super Puma ASW Helicopter
Sub Hunter Group 4:
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW Ship 1 Independence Class LCS 5 Silorsky ASW Helicopter
Sub Hunter Group 5:
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Sea Hunter Autonomous ASW Ship 1 Independence Class LCS 5 Silorsky ASW Helicopter
An additional “Fleet Destroyer” Group which would destroy the Israeli surface fleet while the other groups hunt for submarines, in port on on the water, the enemy’s ships will be destroyed. This will be made up of:
3 Arleigh Burke Flight II Destroyer 3 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers 2 Medina Class Frigates 3 Badr Class Corvettes
Extensive use of Naval UAVs such as the Sayeh Drone and the Fotros Drone will be used in eliminating the enemy’s naval capabilities. Munition drones, specifically, some 400 LJ-2 drones, will target Israeli warships during naval engagements to increase the odds of a direct hit. Aircraft mentioned in previous sections, once air superiority is achieved, will assist in dropping AshM munitions on the enemy.
Once the enemy’s fleet is destroyed, naval assets will provide shore bombardment support to attack Israeli Army positions.
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